American Idol Announces its Top 24

Meet the people whose fate is (finally) in your hands.
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American Idol Announces its Top 24

Meet the people whose fate is (finally) in your hands.

-Megan Lynn

American Idol

In a season full of changes — Ellen for Paula, Vitamin Water for Coca-Cola, a slow walk onstage at the Kodak for a slow elevator up to a hotel conference room — we’re relieved to report that there’s one tradition American Idol won’t be abandoning: turning a half an hour of television into three competition-killing hours of fluff.

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Other Idolisms they’re holding on to that we love to hate? The judges’ long fake out speeches — we were surprised to see even Ellen on board for that game! — along with the show’s magical “internal monologue voiceover camera.” You know, when they pan through a room full of nervous people, settle in on one, and project their deepest thoughts from beyond? “I want this so much.” “I could have done better.” “Ryan is shorter than I thought he’d be.”

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OK, that last one didn’t happen, but we can dream.

And so it’s taken us two days of arguing, posturing, teasing, and precious little singing, but we finally have a top 24. Who’ll be gone in a week, and who’s got a shot at the whole thing? Check out our take, and be sure to share yours!


Ashley Rodriguez

Ashley Rodriguez, 22, Chelsea, MA
We remember digging Ashley’s original audition, but she’s been a bit MIA since. This could be good: she’s drama-free and competent! Or terrible: she’s dull and average! Either way, she has got seriously shiny hair, and we’re jealous.

Crystal Bowersox, 24, Elliston, OH
Randy’s “real indie girl” Crystal has a ton of talent, and the emotional maturity to survive the grueling Idol schedule. I have high hopes for “Mamasox,” even if dreadlocks scare the bejeezus out of me. What? You don’t have an irrational fear of knotty matted hair?

Didi Benami, 23, Hollywood, CA
We really like her. We wonder if this is her real name, but we like her. Also — wow, would we have killed to be able to pull off a beret like that when we were 16! That said, if she’s going to stick around, she’ll have to learn how to perform sans-guitar. So far she’s killer with it, and a bit rough without.

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  1. I was so so sad that Angela (who had auditioned in two previous seasons) didn’t get through. There are definitely some people in the top 24 who don’t deserve to be there!

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