American Idol: The Top 10 Guys Perform

A change of plans sends the guys up first in week two of the performance shows. Who handled the switch, and who needed one more day of practice?
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American Idol: The Top 10 Guys Perform

A change of plans sends the guys up first in week two of the performance shows. Who handled the switch, and who needed one more day of practice?

-Megan Lynn

American Idol Top 20

After last week’s rough opening to American Idol competition (with language like that, you know we’re in Olympics withdrawal), the pressure was already on the remaining 20 finalists to come up big. But adding to that pressure tonight is news that Crystal Bowersox, she of the few note-hitters, is in the hospital and unable to perform. No word on what her condition is, but it means a last minute shuffle that sends the guys to bat a day early. Are they ready, or did they fall flat for a second show in a row?

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This week’s contestant video theme is “things you may not know about me.” In honor of the topic, we offer you this fact about our Idol-viewing habits: we always start late, and often fast-forward through the pre-show banter. Because there are only so many times one can hear Simon and Ryan do their thinly-veiled “You’re gay.” “No YOU’RE gay!” bit before you grab the remote, right?

Michael Lynche

What don’t we know about Michael? We can’t imagine much; he’s had so much camera time. But apparently, the big secret is this new dad loves theatre, and can lift the equivalent of three to four Ryan Seacrests. This evening, Michael is straying from his folksy guitar-guy routine and taking on the very theatrical “This is a Man’s World.” He commits to the whole schtick that this song requires without being a complete copycat and sings it very capably. Is it our fault that all we can think of is Christina Aguilera’s version? Could it be anyone’s fault, when hers was so darned good? Regardless, Randy gives him a standing ovation, Ellen says it’s on, Kara tells him she finally gets it, and Simon says Michael went from being a pussycat to a lion.

Is there any doubt he’s sailing into the top 12?

John Park
How adorable is it that John is in Northwestern a capella group “Purple Haze”? We have a serious nerd crush on him, his swoopy hair, and his focus on an honest delivery of John Mayer’s “Gravity.” He’s on the right track — nothing says honest on Idol like performing from a stool. It shows America that you’re too serious about the message to even CONSIDER showmanship. Oh! And his singing. It’s way better, but the song is just boring. We’re not even saying that because we think John Mayer is crazy, we swear. Three judges see the potential but still aren’t wowed, while one thinks Purple Haze will be getting their singer back soon enough. Three guesses which one that is…

Casey James
New Bo Bice never watched Idol before he auditioned, because he hasn’t had a TV since lightning blew his set out at age seven. How does this story manage to make Casey both folksy and NPR-snobby at the same time? Anyway, it’s due to this television-deficiency that Casey chose Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Wanna Be,” or as we will always know it the “OMG ONE TREE HILL IS ON” song. While this tune has been tackled by many Idols before, no one has pulled out the electric guitar for the occasion …we bring this up, because the shredding was probably the highlight of Casey’s performance. People don’t realize that Gavin can really sing. He’s got range, and this exposes Casey’s weakness in that realm. Randy loves the guitar, Ellen thinks it’s perfect on paper but the performance was stiff. Kara thinks he took two steps backwards. Into her bedroom! Yow! Simon teases Kara, and then agrees with her.

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  1. I thought Michael Lynche was the standout, but please Andrew Garcia, get it together before they kick you off the show! Hope the girls are better than this bunch was.

  2. I thought all of them didn’t do anything to wow the judges nor did they stand out, but I would say the guy who has that star quality would be Lee Dewyze. He has the looks, the talents, and the voice. He just need to work more on his vocals and choice of songs.

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