American Idol: The Top 12 Girls Perform

We'll tell you who won our vote if you tell us who earned yours...
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American Idol: The Top 12 Girls Perform

We’ll tell you who won our vote if you tell us who earned yours…

-Megan Lynn

American Idol Top 12 Girls

Is it weird that we feel like starting every American Idol recap with: “at last!” as though we’re the ones who endured a week of sleepless nights and grueling competition in Hollywood? Because seriously. At last!

The theme for the next three weeks is “Billboard charts,” also known as “anything you want, so don’t blow it with a bad song.” Let’s see how the ladies did with that task, performance by performance.

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Paige Miles
Paige is a 24-year-old preschool teacher and “devout” Michael Jackson fan. We didn’t realize he had been deified. She sings “All Right Now” by Free, and it’s a terrible, terrible choice. Worse? She doesn’t sing it all that well. We wish we could at least say something nice about her outfit, but…lace shorty jumpsuit with cummerbund doesn’t really do it for us. Bizarrely, most of the judges like it. Yet another Idol performance that we’re going to chalk up to the “had to be there” phenomenon, where a person’s vocals apparently enter the studio beautiful and on-key, only to fall apart somewhere in the broadcasting process.

Ashley Rodriguez









This 22-year-old student with shiny hair is all about Jordin Sparks’ “Battlefield,” affording Simon ample time to mock the tune by former protégé Jordin Sparks. Tonight Ashley continues the theme singing X Factor winner Leona Lewis’s “Happy,” and wow…pitchy doesn’t cover it, dawgs. Halfway through the song, even Ashley looks a bit let down and lost. Maybe that’s why the judges (with the exception of Simon) keep their comments fairly constructive. Like — maybe don’t pick such a hard song next time.

Janell Wheeler
Janell is a wine sales rep from Orlando, and we’re just going to imagine she croons to her customers about Pinots and the like, because we’re odd. This 24-year-old blew us away the first day of Hollywood week with “American Boy” only to stumble her way to the top 24 on the strength of a questionable Taylor Swift song. So. Now that she’s through, what’s her plan? Why, in her words, to do “what every says I do best. Light up the stage.” Really Janell? People say that? She sings Heart’s “What About Love?” and here’s the thing: we’re hard-pressed to ever say singing Heart is a bad idea, but for Janell, it really is. Her voice isn’t big, it’s unique. She gets a D+ from Simon, who grudgingly says she’ll make it another week.

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