American Idol: The Top 8 Girls Sing

They've got one more shot to make the big stage -- who took their best?
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American Idol: The Top 8 Girls Sing

They’ve got one more shot to make the big stage — who took their best?

-Megan Lynn

American Idol

Congratulations, everyone! We made it through the bad auditions, the good auditions, group day, sudden death last chance to sing day, three hours of finalists being revealed, eight hours of performance shows, and two hours of results. Which all means that we’re just three hours away from reaching yet another Idol landmark: the top 12.

And yes, we always watch this show with a 24-esque countdown clock in our heads. Because like Jack Bauer, we love torture.

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Since everyone’s healthy and accounted for, we’re back to the ladies first schedule this week. Eight have to sing in one hour, so Ryan’s going to have to keep the trains running on-time. How will he accompli…

Katie Stevens
…Wow, that was abrupt! Sans video package, and with almost no fanfare, Katie is suddenly singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway.” You guys remember Katie? The girl who’s gone from “pretty young thing with the great backstory” to “17-going-on-geriatric” in just two weeks? Well she can still sing, as evidenced by her spin on this Kelly hit, but we suspect she’s feeling a bit beaten down. There’s no excitement in her performance tonight. As the grown-ups say, “it’s yeoman’s work” — a phrase we so often hear and only kind of understand but are freely using tonight thanks to the wonder of context clues.

Randy thinks the song was too big and the rendition “paled in comparison.” Ellen thinks it was the right song, but there wasn’t enough personality. Kara loves Katie’s radio voice, but is concerned that she doesn’t know who she is as an artist yet. Simon pretty much agrees, acknowledging that all the advice Katie’s been given has likely been confusing and overwhelming.

Wow, we have never heard the judges string together four straight constructive, thoughtful criticisms before. We will now reconsider everything we know to be good and true in this world.

Siobhan Magnus

All right team Siobhan, the pressure’s on for our crazy girl to match last week’s amazing Aretha performance. Early sign that she will? She introduces her hippie dad, whom she calls the best singer she’s ever heard. She should know, she’s a glassblower’s apprentice. The next positive omen? She opens her mouth. Damn, y’all. Not only does Siobhan ride the Bo Bice a capella train to Awesometown in her take on “The House of the Rising Sun,” once there, she hops a transfer on the elusive “hitting every note bus” to Blowingourmindsville. Yes, we really love this girl beyond all punctuation.

Randy digs that it was surprising, risky, and hot. Ellen says Siobhan is why she loves music — it moves you. Kara commends the a capella start and Siobhan’s individuality. And then Simon wasn’t a fan. He didn’t like the interview, her outfit, or her performance.

Umm, Simon. We so RARELY disagree with you, but you are wrong, wrong, wrong. She looks amazing, sang better than any girl has so far this year, and is still, hilariously crazy. Reckanize.

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  1. I love love Siobhan and I hope she winds, my second favorite is probably Crystal. And i do believe Rhiannon was a welsh horse goddess from way back

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