American Idol's Top 5: Harry Connick Jr. and Frank Sinatra!

Gina Glocksen, American Idol's "rocker chick” from season six and BettyConfidential's resident expert, weighs in on the top five of season nine.
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American Idol’s Top 5: Harry Connick Jr. and Frank Sinatra!

Gina Glocksen, American Idol’s “rocker chick” from season six and BettyConfidential’s resident expert, weighs in on the good, the bad, and the downright horrible from the top five of season nine.

-Gina Glocksen

American Idol

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! The number of remaining contestants is getting low, which means it’s almost time for the finale! We’re down to the top 5 already and tonight’s treat was mentor Harry Connick Jr. Being a HUGE Harry Connick Jr. fan, seeing him at the bottom of the stairs, I got SUPER excited about the performances. It all started when I was around 7 years old and my sister played his music non-stop. With that being said, thank you Jennifer for having a crush on Harry Connick Jr. so I actually recognized the songs that were performed. It was Frank Sinatra tribute night and boy, would he have been proud to see how the contestants interpreted his songs! Tonight was a very successful night for the top 5.

It started with Aaron Kelly and his take on “Fly Me To The Moon.” Aaron was adorable in his suit and definitely looked the part. But did he sound the part? He started a bit shaky and there was never a moment of magic for me anywhere in the song. I think Aaron is too country to pull off the crooner sound, but he wasn’t bad! There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s safe, but it may a bottom three week for him.

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Next came my personal favorite, Casey James. Casey’s rendition of “Blue Skies” fell a bit short for me tonight. Casey looked great with his hair pulled back and that smile that melts any heart, but it was a bit of a rough performance to watch. From Simon saying that is was an awkward performance to Kara telling him that his vibrato sounded like a lamb, I think Casey has seen his last solo performance on the Idol stage for this season. He really needs to be behind his guitar. That’s his niche and he never fails to deliver with a six string! Now mind you, I started off saying that Casey is my favorite, and he is. But if America judges they way they are supposed to, solely by the performance of the night and not past performances, he will be going home. I still love him though.

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0 thoughts on “American Idol's Top 5: Harry Connick Jr. and Frank Sinatra!

  1. You are dead on with everyone except Aaron. I felt he was pitchy, but that is just me. I think you have the bottom 3 right, but I could see Aaron going home tonight. Casey’s performance was ok, but I think he’s safe. Lee ‘s I had to watch again- totally incredible. I love what you said about Crystal. Standing up for her choices and who she is- totally awesome. Love her for that! Great article Gina! Love reading your comments!


  2. I LOVED Lee last night. And so did my husband. It’s rare we agree when it comes to Idol contestants. Crystal was a close second. Aaron was (as Randy would say) too pitchy and seemed really nervous. Big Mike was boring and Harry’s statement about Casey was true… he sounded better in rehearsal.

  3. aaron was terrible. i don’t know why the judges keep pushing him along. he was pitchy, off key a lot and even though kara disagrees, there was country twang in parts. the kid should have gone home weeks back. casey was the second worst, and the other three were great as usual. that’s the real story…

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