American Idol's Top Nine Take On Elvis Presley

Gina Glocksen, American Idol's "rocker chick” from season six and BettyConfidential's resident expert, weighs in on the good, the bad, and the downright horrible from the top nine
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American Idol‘s Top Nine Take On Elvis Presley

Gina Glocksen, American Idol’s “rocker chick” from season six and BettyConfidential’s resident expert, weighs in on the good, the bad, and the downright horrible from the top nine of season nine.

-Gina Glocksen

American Idol

Hello BettyConfidential readers! I was really happy to see that this week was the Elvis Presley catalogue, but I was surprised to see that Adam Lambert was the mentor. I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous in the beginning, but once he started critiquing I think I fell in love with a gay man! He was the best mentor Idol has seen in a long time. His opinions were spot on and I’m so jealous he wasn’t a mentor on my season! I’m also kinda jealous about the whole “save” option, too. Big Mike was saved last week so two people go home this week. And speaking of going home, here are the two I’m guessing will say goodbye:

One of the lucky nine contestants to sing for Adam (and receive advice from him) was Andrew Garcia. He sang “Hound Dog” — the bad thing about the performance was that he COMPLETELY NEGLECTED Adam’s advice! Had Andrew listened to Adam and sped up the song, it would’ve been way more pleasing to my ears. I really think Andrew may be in trouble tomorrow!

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Siobhan Magnus sang “Suspicious Minds” and WOW, she looked amazing! The wardrobe stylists did a great job. She’s got a nice little body and is finally showing it off! She needs it, as her vocals just aren’t doing it for the judges — or me. Kara said it when she said that Siobhan has two voices. It’s starting to get a bit annoying. Like Kara, I prefer the louder Siobhan. However, her daring move after the performance — admitting she doesn’t know who she is as an artist — was great. I’m not quite sure how America will respond but I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

For the other contestants, overall, it was a good night.

Crystal Bowersox came on stage with an electric guitar and sang “Saved.” Nothing good, nothing bad, nothing worth typing about either.

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  1. I’m a crystal fan through and through. If they ever make a Janis Joplin movie- she would play Janis! I agree with your comments. I think you hit it this week with your comments. Siobhan is probably gonna get the ax soon. You have to show them who you will be as an artist or your fan base starts declining! Great article Gina!

  2. I like Lee and totally agree with your about Tim… it’s like he’s become a new man! I’m totally over Big Mikethough I feel like he’s the same every week with every theme.

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