An Interview with Three Twilight Vampires

New Moon's Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone dish to BettyConfidential about Taylor Lautner's abs, Twitter, booties and more.
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BC: I hear most of New Moon was shot outdoors so a lot of the cast ended up freezing even though they had to look warm. Did any of you end up in those scenes?

Kellan: Nikki’s good on this!

Nikki: No, not on New Moon. We were not really in New Moon that much; we only had two scenes. We tried to stay as true to the book as possible and we weren’t in the New Moon book. Um, so this movie is really about Jacob [Taylor Lautner] and Bella [Kristen Stewart] but I do know that Taylor had quite a few scenes outside, shirtless, in the rain and he is portraying a very warm-blooded character so I am sure that was quite a challenge!

Taylor Lautner

BC: I am curious if there were any funny incidents that happened on the set. Like did anyone flub their lines?

Jackson: Well, we had a couple of things happen. It was funny because in the house we were filming the very serious, very dramatic birthday party scene, the owners were very concerned about their hardwood floors. So the entire crew and cast had to wear these hospital scrub-like booties that you had to tie around your shoes. So it was just kind of funny to see this bunch of vampires in these little boots.

BC: OK, I hope that they filmed from the ankles up so that no one sees the booties in the film!

Jackson: Yeah, we did see the movie and no booties were seen!

Kellan: Well, there are “bootie” shots but not of that type of bootie. [Laughs]


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  1. yah…ive seen the movie New Moon like twice already & I LOVE IT! =) yah kitty were definitly not jealous that they got to hang out with Edward aka Robert! pshhtt what are they talking about?? lol

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