Exclusive Interview: Real Housewife, Countess LuAnn deLesseps

An exclusive interview with Countess LuAnn deLesseps!

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Exclusive Interview: Real Housewife, Countess LuAnn deLesseps

On divorce, chewing gum in public and her search for the “simple life”

-Kelly Will

Countess LuAnn deLessepsCountess LuAnn deLesseps stars on the Real Housewives of New York on Bravo, wrote a new book and is now in the process of a high-profile divorce from her French husband, Count Alexandre deLesseps. Her book, released last week, Class with the Countess, is sure to be a best-seller. She sat down with me to talk about the split, etiquette, and of course, those famous catfights!

Tell me about the divorce and how you are handling it all.
Alex and I were separated a couple of months ago; still it was a shock to find out the way I did. [He was caught cheating with another woman.] I’m trying to be very optimistic, but it’s been very difficult.

I wrote about breaking up in my book, and now I’m taking my own advice. Life is about change. I say, ‘Sometimes breaking up is a blessing in disguise.’ Sometimes is just the thing you need to push forward, so that is exactly how I’m trying to view it.

Your 44th birthday is coming up in the middle of May. What are your plans?
Age is a number and mine is always listed. I can’t hide it anymore. I’ll be promoting my book so I’ll just be with family and have them with me wherever I go. My son is dying to go to California so I will take him with me on that leg of the promotions.

What can we look forward to tonight on The Real Housewives of New York?
The catfight is not over between Kelly (Bensimon) and Bethenny (Frankel). Their fight only blows up bigger at the Halloween party. It’s a dramatic episode tonight, but there’s always plenty of drama left, darling.

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For the most part you steer clear of the drama on Housewives–is that a conscious decision?
I don’t like to get caught up in these high school situations. What you see is how I try to live and I am doing my best to stay true to my character. I’m a real girl and I’m on the girls team, but I try to stay out of the arguments.

I have to ask your opinion on the ridiculous vision of Kelly Bensimon running in front of a cab in New York on last week’s episode.
It reminded me of Rocky. I heard the theme playing in my head and thought she should have boxing gloves on her hands. I’ll say, it was a very cinematic running moment in New York.

How do you stay in such great shape?
I have a Mediterranean style of eating. I shop the periphery of supermarket. I avoid buying things in boxes and pre-packaged bags so I’m eating fresh and healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables, and I avoid fast food. I walk a lot in the city, so if I have a nice lunch, I’ll walk home. I do yoga and meditation to keep me centered, and I love Pilates. I have a great Pilates teacher in the Hamptons and I take class out there every Saturday.

What is your most important rule of etiquette?
No, chewing gum obnoxiously in public! That habit gets on my nerves the most. We all know people who did it. Celebrities even do it during interviews. Ick!

Any etiquette slips you occasionally have?
Just because I’m a Countess doesn’t mean I’m perfect. Even on the show, I’ve been caught slipping. The charity episode in the Hamptons was embarrassing because I asked the entire room to quiet down and then I went back to the table and was talking. I was guilty too.

What are some great tips for parents when teaching their children proper etiquette?
Here are my basic rules for children–both of mine learned early! Look at people in the eye when you greet someone. Always answer a question when asked. Say yes, not yep or yah. Please and thank you will always get you far. Help clean up when you are visiting with friends. Be thoughtful hosts with your friends, because you should always take care of people in your house.

What is the best advice you have ever gotten?
My father gave me the best advice growing up, and I still believe it and pass it on to everyone. “The simple life is the best life.”

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  1. I never watch reality TV, I find it mindless and boring! And she’s probably only a countess because of her husband, a title which is basically meaningless.

  2. In America, being a countess is a meaningless title. She’s only throwing it around for publicity, if she had any class at all, she wouldn’t be on some stupid reality show on bravo!

  3. Countess who???? Another wannabe on a reality tv show. Totally pathetic. NO wonder so many people in the country don’t read a book, they are watching dull tv.

  4. First off I think that kids saying just ‘Yes” or “no” to an adult is rude. Every child should say “yes mam,no mam,yes sir, and no sir.” So I think her kids are rude for not saying it. Second can’t pretty much anyone BUY a title in europe now a days. I think it is so funny how she has to let everyone know she is a countess. Does she not realize we couldn’t care less. In fact it makes me think less of her. All the women on this show (except Bethenny) need to really come back to reality from their fantasy worlds. They think they are great but people watch the show to laugh at them. As far as etiquette from this woman I think in her case it is snobery and narsicism.

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