And Octuplets Make 14

How can anyone take care of not only EIGHT NEWBORN BABIES but their SIX older siblings?

Mean Betty

And Octuplets Make … 14?!

What is wrong with these people?

-Mean Betty

So we have some more information about the mother of those octuplets, thanks to CBS’s The Early Show. Turns out she lives with her parents and already has six kids – including one set of twins. I’m almost afraid to ask about the father. I really wanted to title this post Are You F&*#ing INSANE? But that seemed a little crass. But … honestly … ARE YOU F&*#ING INSANE?? Octuplets is mind-boggling enough. Adding six older siblings to that equation is pure madness.

Yes, yes – I know how everyone just LOVES that show Jake and Kate Make 27 or whatever, and yes it’s a modern medical miracle, but seriously – 14 children??? What’s the matter with this woman? How can anyone take care of not only EIGHT NEWBORN BABIES but their SIX older siblings?

I love how the hospital isn’t confirming whether or not fertility drugs were used.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

When we see something like this in the general fertility world, it gives us the heebie-jeebies,” Michael Tucker, an Atlanta-based clinical embryologist and leading researcher in fertility treatments, told the Los Angeles Times. “If a medical practitioner had anything to do with it, there’s some degree of inappropriate medical therapy there.”


Darling, something tells me this woman, not being a cat, did not conceive and bring to almost-term eight babies all on her very own. I don’t care what kind of pre-natal vitamins she was taking.

“Heebie-jeebies” is right.

Obviously this woman is off her rocker. (Further evidence – she reportedly wants to breastfeed them all.) The question is … what kind of insane doctor allowed this to happen? Why is this legal? Doesn’t this cross some kind of ethical boundary? How many is too many? If it were possible for 20 fetuses to come to term, would that be OK?

Kaiser Permanente said, as of Thursday, five of the babies were breathing on their own and six were eating on their own. Just think of those poor little things, hooked up to monitors and tubes, the smallest only a pound and a half.

Honestly, it just seems cruel and abusive. And a free lifetime supply of diapers isn’t going to make a dent.

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0 thoughts on “And Octuplets Make 14

  1. OK, I work for BC and I don’t even know who Mean Betty is but I LOVE HER!!! JAKE AND KATE make 27!!! HILARIOUS!!! I am cracking up! And you should have titled this post how you wanted to! And that the woman might be a cat! Thanks for this hilarious laugh Mean Betty! You are a riot! I wish I had thought of this!

  2. I can’t agree more with you, Evil Betty. If they are Christian and going by the edict “And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein” , perhaps they need to realize that it does not meme to populate the earth single-handedly.

  3. Mean Betty, I couldn’t agree more! Like 6 kids wan’t enough already?! And the saddest part is is that the likelihood of these octuplets to each lead healthy, normal lives is so low… I mean 10 premature! Yikes!

  4. AMEN, Mean Betty! (Very funny writing BTW…) I am APPALLED at this story. And you’re right something is SERIOUSLY wrong here. I’ve just heard and update on the news…yesterday, when interviewed, the grandfather said that financially they were okay, and that they babies would be fine…today, the news reported that the GRANDMOTHER RECENTLY FILED FOR PERSONAL BANKRUPTCY! Grrrrrrrr! I am SO SICK of supporting other people’s kids. If you don’t have the money to do it, DON’T F***ING HAVE KIDS! You hurt them, and you hurt this country financially. Who’s paying for their medical care…not just NOW, but YEARS FROM NOW. sigh. Stupid people. Okay, I’m done. Love your online Mag! :)

  5. I love you too Betty! I would have had the same title! I keep hearing that the poor woman had NO IDEA she was going to have 8. Well, as far as I am concerned, she shouldn’t even have had ONE more! If she is living with mommy and daddy with 6 children, she CANNOT afford even one more. I honestly think they should just take the 8 in the hospital and find them a decent home! I feel sorry for the first 6 also but it would be more difficult to take them away. I don’t think she should have any but that many is beyond madness! And they live in a small house! That makes at least 17 people in a small house. I think the state should step in and have her fixed so this can’t happen again! She is obviously off her rocker!

  6. I must also add: Where is the father??? Why have we not heard about him??? He can’t be much if he has to live with her family. Frankly, I don’t think there is one. So there is no way they can cloth and feed 14 children.
    And this woman is not a dog so there is no way she can breast feed all of them! Maybe she is going to have mama help with that too! There is definitely something terribly wrong with this picture. I hope someone is investigating!

  7. I haven’t read anything about a husband or father. If Melinda Gates had 14 children, I wouldn’t care, but I live in California and suspect that all of us will be providing for these children.

  8. Hey Mean Betty: She probably thought that she would get a reality show also. One that would buy her a house, get her not only house keepers but 24/7 nannies as well. Purchase her and the kids food. Plus give her a paycheck. Why else would anyone in their RIGHT mind would have 6 let alone 14! After having six kids why go and get infertilization meds? Just plain stupid and selfish. I could understand if she has never ever been able to be a mother but she has already crossed that bridge…six times! She is living with her parents probably because she can’t hand the six by herself! There should be a law not to fertilize anyone who has more than two children. Period. Doesn’t matter if this is your 2nd or 5th marriage. Yes, some government and/or state agency will be covering the care for those kids!

  9. K.S. — guess what, if you belong to Kaiser you are already subsidizing those 8 babies. Father is reputed to work as a “contractor” in Iraq and is returning there “soon”. Clearly he thinks a war zone is preferrable to living with 14 pre-schoolers and infants.

    My hope is that out of this insanity will come a change in medical ethics and medical law that restricts the use of invitro to those who truly need it and forces doctors to act in the best interests of society when deciding how to support such a pregnancy!!!!

    My firt thought — a heck of a new twist on the adage about your kids supporting you — can you imagine how big a welfare check is for 14 dependent children!!!!!!!

  10. I happen to have 6 kids, and if my husband worked in Iraq I’d want to share a home with my mother, too. I don’t think it’s a definite sign of poverty that she’s living with her mother. That said- I can’t imagine why she would want 8 more kids. I don’t think fertility hormones do that, I thought it was only IVF. I think her 8 babies have just as much of a RIGHT to be breastfed as a singleton baby, and as preemies they probably need the nutrition even more. I just wonder how much milk a human can possibly produce. For each baby you’re nursing, it’s an extra 500 calories and 50 ounces of fluids, so she’d have to be drinking at least 3 gallons of water a day and eating an additional 4000 calories. I’d be amazed if she pulled it off. I mean, I assume she only has 2 nipples. I don’t have the patience or energy for my six- we’re done. I think if I were more fit, and more patient I wouldn’t mind having more. I know smaller families are more common these days, but I’ve always wanted lots of kids. And for the record, we are not the slightest bit religious. Crazy, possibly:)

  11. There’s a difference between her having her 6 kids, and her having no kids and then the 8 babies. It’s totally irresponsible on the past of the family. It’s perfectly fine to have 8 kids, people used to do it all the time… if they can support themselves. Most people think I’m crazy for my 4 but that’s my choice… but I certainly wouldn’t be getting IVF or infertility drugs to have more. Most people are willing to let things happen as they may, if they’re unable to conceive then they turn to modern medicine, which is a wonderful thing, but I feel in this case it’s been abused, grossly and with great negligence on the part of the medical community who participated in this tragedy

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