Angelina Jolie Breastfeeds on the Cover of W

Angelina Jolie Breastfeeds on the Cover of W and looks beautiful in Brad Pitt's Private photos

Angelina Jolie Breastfeeds on the Cover of W

Fabulous! But …Why don’t I look this good hanging around post-childbirth?

-April Daniels Hussar

Angelina Jolie W coverI have mixed feelings about Angelina Jolie, which, in itself – if you think about it – is kind of bizarre because I’ve never met her and I’m pretty sure she has no feelings about me whatsoever (hi Angie!). On one hand, I respect and applaud that she uses her power and status for the greater good. It beats flashing your pantiless underside at Chateau Marmont (or is that so 2007? Where ARE all the pantiless pop-tarts these days anyway?).

On the other hand, there’s something kind of wacky to me about the sheer number of kids she and Brad Pitt keep racking up, at such an alarming rate. I mean, sure they have like 80 nannies and cooks, but still … how much energy can two human beings have? I’m exhausted just answering the questions of ONE 5-year-old. (Um … what causes hurricanes? … Well, that’s a very good question! Hmmm … What? What’s a lawyer? Well ,see, there are rules, and well, you know judges? No? OK, so … Oh no, that’s only for mommies. Let’ s not play with the Tampon. How does it work? HELP ME!)

How are Brad and Angelina NOT aliens?

Angelina Jolie kidsBUT … I love love LOVE …. LOVE! (do you hear me?!) that she’s breastfeeding on the cover of W this month. That rocks!

I’m not going to get into a debate here on breast milk vs. formula, but when I think about those moronic jerks who think that breastfeeding mamas should go hide in public restrooms or their cars to feed their babies, I just can’t contain my glee and appreciation of this truly beautiful (if possibly from an alien planet) woman looking so incredibly gorgeous as she does the most natural thing in the world – nourish her baby.

Thank you Angelina Jolie! Thank you awesome editors at W magazine!

Just one last thing Angie… those “private” photos taken by Brad of you just hanging around the house … DO YOU HAVE TO LOOK SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL?!

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