Is Anna Wintour Being Replaced?

Anna Wintour's contract with Vogue is up next year, will she be replaced?

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Is the Devil Ditching Vogue?

Anna Wintour may soon be replaced by Carine Roitfeld (UPDATE)

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Anna WintourShe was the inspiration for the Devil in The Devil Wears Prada. Now the media world is abuzz with the rumor that long-time Vogue editor, the imperious Anna Wintour may be on her way out the door. S. I. Newhouse, chairman of Conde Nast, publisher of Vogue, has, however, denied the report. “The silliest rumor I have ever heard,” he said through a New York spokesman. “There is absolutely no truth to it.” And when asked by a reporter about her possible departure from the magazine she has helmed for 20, Wintour declared, “I think that is an extremely rude question. Just go away.”

Wintour is known for her icy demeanor, her bobbed hair and her trademark sunglasses, which she often wears inside. Over the years she has made designers, fashionistas, and, especially, assistants shake in their Manolos. A former assistant, Lauren Weisberger, wrote The Devil Wears Prada, which was first a blockbuster best seller and later a hit movie. Meryl Streep portrayed the editor who never raises her voice but always makes impossible demands on those who work for her. One of the nicknames disgruntled employees have given the editor in real life is “Nuclear Wintour.”

Carine RoitfeldWintour is now 59 and her contract expires next year. It has been a tough year for magazines, including Vogue. Who could take her place? There are rumors that the editor of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld, may be waiting in the fashion show wings. In the movie-version of The Devil Wears Prada the Wintour-like editor is almost replaced by an ambitious French woman.

Wintour has been a very successful editor and a powerhouse in world fashion.

But as a couple of publishing insiders told BettyConfidential, something is definitely going on. When the hat pins are out and there is this much gossip, there has to be more than a kernel of truth.


At a recent panel, she was asked what she would do next. She declared, “I think – my father always said to me that when you get too angry that’s the time to stop. The day I get too angry is the day I take up gardening.” She also told a reporter at the session, “I have no plans to leave American Vogue now or in the foreseeable future.”

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