Another Baby for Nicole Kidman?

The Nine star and her country singer husband, Keith Urban, are trying for baby number two.
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Another Baby for Nicole Kidman?

The Nine star and her country singer husband, Keith Urban, are trying for baby number two.

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Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban is telling friends that he and Nicole Kidman are trying to have another baby. “They don’t want Sunday Rose to grow up an only child,” a source tells BettyConfidential. And although, Nicole has two adopted kids with Tom Cruise, they are teenagers now (Isabella is 17 and Connor is 14). The couple wants Sunday Rose, 17 months, to have a brother or sister that she can be close to — just as her stepbrother and sister are.

While there were rumors in November that the Nine star was expecting when she was photographed holding her belly and putting a finger to her lips at the American Music Awards, Nicole, 42, has had pregnancy problems in the past. She suffered an ectopic pregnancy while married to Tom Cruise and also had a miscarriage in 2001.

Nicole Kidman

“They want to try,” says the source. “Keith promised Nicole that if she is willing to have a baby, he’ll even cancel concerts next year in order to be around during her pregnancy to help with Sunday. That’s how much he wants to have another baby!”

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The night Nicole went into labor with Sunday, Keith, 42, was performing at a stadium concert in Nashville with Kenny Chesney, but was able to make it to the hospital before the baby was born. “That won’t happen this time around,” the insider says.

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0 thoughts on “Another Baby for Nicole Kidman?

  1. I wish Nicole and Keith all the best with trying for another baby. I know the heartbreak of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies. I was never successful and was thrilled for Nicole when she had Sunday. People have been commenting a lot about Nicole not being seen with Bella and Conner a lot. I have to think that it has everything to do with Tom Cruise and his Scientology beliefs. I don’t think Nicole would just abondon them. Just my opinion!

  2. Nice article, but, incorrect statement. Nicole was with Keith when he performed at the LP Field show with Kenny on Saturday, July 5. There are pictures showing her standing off stage, as he dedicated a song to his very pregnant wife. Sunday Rose was born on Monday, July 7. Keith drove her to the hospital and remained with her during the birth of their baby. They have both stated they would be very pleased to have another child, but are completely happy to have only Sunday, if they are not blessed with a sibbling for her.

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