Appetizers for Dinner!

Patchwork Pate offers three delicious options you can prepare for "appetizer for dinner" for you and yours.

What’s for Dinner?

Appetizers for Dinner!


Here’s a trio of delicious finger foods using store-bought pâté.

Asparagus Wraps

aparagus wraps

Lightly steam some asparagus tips. Spread some Brandy & Herb or other pâté onto some ham or prosciutto. Wrap around individual stalks of asparagus then place them on a griddle pan to mark the sides.

Ham & Jam

ham and jam

Take a small ramekin or bowl. Line it with ham. Add a few teaspoons of pâté, then a layer of some blueberry or other jelly. Finish with another layer of pâté. Fold the ham over the top to close off the parcel. Put them in the fridge to chill and then turn out on to a plate to serve.

Cranberries & Pate

cranberries and pate

The really classic way of serving pâté is with Melba toast. You can make your own melba toast by first toasting ordinary sliced bread, then cutting off the crusts, slicing it between the front and back and putting it under the broiler. This will make it curl which makes it look very pretty on the plate. You can even make Melba toast way ahead of time, as it keeps for ages. Serve with dried cranberries.

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