Are Werewolves the New Vampires?

Are werewolves becoming the new vampires?
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Are Werewolves the New Vampires?

A slew of new projects featuring werewolves has got us wondering: Which mouth-watering monster is sexier?

Carrie Seim

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For the last year, we’ve been unliving in a vampire world. Our bloodlust for these campy vamps runs deep – Twilight is required reading, True Blood is must-Sookie TV and fangs are suddenly sexier than stilettos. Vampires are enjoying a ghoulish renaissance not seen since their early Transylvania years.

But before you buy stock in garlic and wooden stakes, beware! Another other-worldly creature is daring to dethrone vampires as reigning monster-of-the-moment: The Werewolf.

Werewolf-related books, TV shows and movies are piling up faster than you can say “full moon.” It’s the horror version of a Jets vs. Sharks showdown, a Death Side Story for modern times.

So who will win the (literal) battle for human hearts – vampires or werewolves?

That’s kind of like asking, who’s sexier – Tom Cruise or a mangy bear? Vampires are OBVIOUSLY sexier. They’re usually tall, dark and handsome – plus they remain young and beautiful for eternity. (What cougar could resist that?) And vampires desire you so much that they want to DRINK you. And your life force. Now that’s desire.

But werewolves? I like men with a little hair on their chest, but I draw the line at a pelt that howls. And those claws in bed would be a NIGHTMARE. I’d get tired of all the nagging, “Hey, wolfman, put on some socks.” I guess technically, werewolves are shape shifters, which could be helpful if I got locked out and need someone to squeeze through the doggy door or something. But sexy? Not really feeling it.

Yet there’s no denying that werewolves are hunting their way to the top of pop culture. Here’s a look at just some of the projects – and werewolves – waiting in the wings:

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  1. Huh. I’m not really into either vampires or werewolves – wizards and demons are more my kind of thing – but these look interesting. Aside from the ‘lesbian vampires’ thing. That is homophobic and creepy. If you become a lesbian, you will literally become a hairy monster! What a marvellous message.

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