Are You Too Needy? A Quiz From Your Gay Best Friend

When it comes to relationships, do you demand too much - or not enough? As usual, our gay BFF has all the answers.
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5. When my car breaks down I…

a) fix it myself, using the tools in my purse.
b) abandon it and set out on foot for adventure.
c) call AAA.
d) turn on the emergency flashers, walk a safe distance away from the vehicle and cry, until someone stops to ask me what’s wrong.
e) call the guy I’ve been on one date with and beg him to rescue me, even though I know he has a huge presentation in an hour.

6. If a guy I’m dating hasn’t introduced me to his friends after three months, I…

a) accept that this is just one endless booty call and stock up on condoms.
b) dump him and find a guy with social skills.
c) let him know this concerns me, then be patient and see what happens.
d) grab his cell phone when it rings and introduce myself.
e) demand to know why he’s embarrassed of me and give him only two possible explanations: 1) I’m not pretty enough, or 2) I’m not pretty enough.

7. If I were a plant I would be…

a) a cactus.
b) algae.
c) a supermarket orchid.
d) a Christmas tree in a very dry home.
e) the kind of plant that has sharp teeth (and has had Broadway musicals written about it).

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8. My favorite handbag is…

a) big enough to sleep in if I had some tent posts.
b) a laptop case.
c) just the right size to hold my keys, wallet, smart phone and mace.
d) small enough to get washed down the drain if it falls in the sink.
e) my boyfriend’s pockets.

9. My dream vacation is…

a) a week alone in a snowy cabin with no phone service or internet.
b) two weeks building homes for Habitat for Humanity.
c) a tropical getaway where my guy and I decide together where to snorkel each day.
d) a spa.
e) a spa I don’t have to pay for.

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19 thoughts on “Are You Too Needy? A Quiz From Your Gay Best Friend

  1. ouch! a few of your examples are just a little TOO close for comfort, Gay BFF!! Glad to say I’m not quite Olympic material, but still a little closer than I’d like to be…

  2. A lot of the multiple choice answers bother me. I couldn’t see myself choosing any of the answers for most of them. The only one I could find answer for was number 3…and that one is conjecture.

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