Are You Too Needy? A Quiz From Your Gay Best Friend

When it comes to relationships, do you demand too much - or not enough? As usual, our gay BFF has all the answers.
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10. Do you own a body pillow?

a) No. That’s weird.
b) Yes, but it was a gift from my mother and it’s in the closet somewhere.
c) Yes, but I deny it.
d) Yes, and it’s showing wear.
e) Yes, and his name is ______ (fill in blank with your favorite hot guy name).

Ok, now add up your scores (one point for each “a” answer you picked, two points for each “b” answer, etc.). Then write me back and let me know how you did.

1- 12 points: You don’t need anybody. In fact, you may be a sociopath.

13 – 24 points: It’s OK to rely on people once in awhile and to have some expectations. Experiment with expressing a few and see how your guy meets them. It might even turn him on to be needed, just a little.

24 – 34 points: You’re safe here. Not too needy, yet not into denying yourself. Nice job.

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35 – 42 points: Danger! Needy tendencies are indicated! Keep in mind that self-esteem issues are often at the heart of this behavior. For example, we don’t think we’re worth loving, so we subconsciously set up tests to make our partner fill the void. Next time, instead of being a depressing energy-suck, dig deep and reclaim some of your self-confidence – then watch him melt like butter in your hands.

43 – 50 points: Whoa! You are super-needy! My advice: a) Learn to rely on yourself more and focus on making yourself happier; b) consider therapy; or c) wait until neediness is added as a sport in the Summer Olympics and prepare to claim your gold.

That’s all for now. And just so you don’t feel bad, my score was 37. Looks like I have some work to do. Can you help me? Please, please, I neeeeeed you! Just kidding…kind of.

Tell us: Are you too needy?

Brian Clark is an actor/writer living in Los Angeles. He cares about people. But to keep it fresh he has also rescued an insane pitbull mix named Bombay.

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19 thoughts on “Are You Too Needy? A Quiz From Your Gay Best Friend

  1. ouch! a few of your examples are just a little TOO close for comfort, Gay BFF!! Glad to say I’m not quite Olympic material, but still a little closer than I’d like to be…

  2. A lot of the multiple choice answers bother me. I couldn’t see myself choosing any of the answers for most of them. The only one I could find answer for was number 3…and that one is conjecture.

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