Healthy? The gender of your boss could make a difference.

This article offers the facts on which gender boss is better for your health.

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Are Male Bosses Better for Your Health?

Study says gender of boss can affect your physical health

-Julie Ryan Evans

BossesDo you prefer working for a male or a female boss? You may or may not have a preference, but it seems that your body does.

HealthDay cites a recent report by the Journal of Health and Social Behavior that says “women who worked under both male and female supervisors had higher levels of distress and physical symptoms than women with one male manager, while women who worked under a lone female supervisor reported more distress and physical symptoms than women who worked under a male supervisor.”

When it comes to men, however, it seems that that they have similar distress either under a lone male or lone female. Although they had less stress when supervised by a woman and a male than just by a lone male.

So it seems that women stress women out. I’m not sure I agree personally, as some of the best bosses I’ve had have been female, but then again you don’t always know when you’re stressed, right? I can see how this could prove true in many cases. And I feel bad if I’ve caused distress to any of those women I’ve supervised over the years!

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