Are They Just Friends?

A woman seeks advice on whether or not she should be comfortable with her boyfriend visiting a female friend.


Are They Really Just Friends?

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I’ve been exclusively dating a seemingly great guy for the past four months. Yesterday he casually mentioned that he is planning to visit a friend next weekend. This friend is a single woman he met on an online dating site two years ago. He says they never dated and are just friends. He has given me no reason not to trust him, but I am uncomfortable with the idea of my boyfriend spending the weekend alone with another woman at her house. I calmly told him that I don’t love the idea of him going, but he still intends to go.

I am not a jealous person and honestly don’t mind him having female friends, but I am very uncomfortable with this situation. I am feeling very hurt and disregarded. I don’t want to overreact and ruin what is otherwise a good thing. What should I do? What is he thinking? Could this be his way of letting me know he’s losing interest in me?

Matt: I find this to be a bit troubling as well. It doesn’t add up to me. What is his objective? If they are just friends, then suggest that she come visit you all (he can even pay, as he was going to have the expense anyway). You don’t have to be part of their evening of catching up, but if he respects and cares about you, he’ll acknowledge your concern.

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