Are You a Crunchy Mom?

How to tell if you're a "crunchy mom."

The Tipping List

You Know You’re a Crunchy Mom When …

Wondering if you’re a little bit granola? Check out this list to see how you rate!

-Wendy Drewelow

mother standing with her kidsIt was never a goal of mine to be different from more-traditional moms. When I became a mom seven years ago, I was thankful for the convenience of disposable diapers and prepackaged Gerber snacks. Never did I imagine that I would be trading in my infant pain relievers for homeopathic alternatives. Nevertheless, I have embraced my differences with humor and a little tribute to crunchy moms that I like to call …

You Know You’re a Crunchy Mom When:

1. You consider breastfeeding the cure for the terrible 2s.

2. The immunization record in your child’s baby book is blank.

3. You want to wear a t-shirt to the store that says, “They are not ditching; they are homeschooled!”

4. You find yourself using positive discipline with your spouse … and experiencing great success.

5. You call to your older son down the hall during bathtime, “Be sure to wash under your foreskin!”

6. You rent the birth tub for your next homebirth right after your pregnancy test shows up positive.

7. Your coordinate your cloth-diaper colors to match your child’s outfit.

8. Your children celebrate their birthdays with organic vegan cupcakes.

9. When you aren’t wearing your baby, you feel naked.

10. You are convinced that natural family planning has a lot to do with the baby that sleeps between you and your partner.

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