Ashley Biden and Cocaine?

The alleged use of cocaine by Vice President Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley Biden

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Ashley Biden and Cocaine?

If it’s true, how stupid can she be…

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Joe and Ashley BidenAshley Biden, the 27-year-old daughter of Vice President Joseph Biden and his wife, Jill, is now at the center of a growing scandal. Footage of Ashley allegedly snorting cocaine at a party has been offered for sale to the New York Post.

On the video a man is seen cutting five lines of what is said to be cocaine. A young woman, strongly resembling Ashley, jokes that the lines are not big enough. Then she is seen taking a red straw from her mouth, bending over a desk, inserting the straw in her nostril and snorting the lines of white powder. The party was said to have taken place in Wilmington, Delaware. Ashley’s boyfriend, allegedly, was at the party and is also said to be identifiable on the tape.

The New York Post did not buy the video, which was offered for sale by lawyers, representing the seller, who claimed to be a friend of Ashley’s. The Post and Radar Online reported the seller wanted $2 million for the video.

Ashley has had a reputation as a “party girl.” She had one run-in with the police previously about drugs. While at Tulane in New Orleans she was arrested for marijuana possession, but there is no record of a conviction. A Tulane classmate, Nat Berman, said, “Everybody at Tulane knew she was a party girl. She wore some pretty short shorts– a lot.”

After Vice President Biden’s election, Berman also recounted on his blog,, how he bailed Ashley out of jail after her New Orleans arrest. He said he paid the bail bondsman “between $200 and $400” and drove her home at the time.

Ashley was also arrested in 2002 in Chicago for shouting at a policeman who was trying to arrest a disorderly friend outside a nightclub.

Currently, Ashley is a social worker at a Delaware child-welfare agency. Vice President Biden coined the phrase “drug czar” and is an outspoken supporter of “the war on drugs.” Today he is scheduled to meet leaders in Costa Rica. Ashley Biden is believed to be at the Vice President’s home in Washington, protected by security. The Vice President has refused to return repeated requests for comments on this report about his daughter and cocaine.

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13 thoughts on “Ashley Biden and Cocaine?

  1. I agree with you all. Everyone has issues, but if you’re a public figure (Michael Phelps) or the child of a Public figure (Ashley), might you not find another outlet to deal with your troubles?

  2. No matter how “public” a person is the have the right to live there lives with out every one judging them and smearing there names, phelps and aeshly keep up the good work.

  3. Yikes! FIgure it out people! If you are a celeb, a child of a celeb, a person in the spotlight, people are out to get you! Cell phones = cameras these days! You shouldn’t resort to drugs but in the event you do, be smart enough to do it where noone’s taking pictures!

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