Ashton Kutcher Was a Womanizer

Before marrying Demie Moore, "The Killers" star had his fair share of the ladies -take a look at some other Hollywood bad boys that were tamed.
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Ashton Kutcher Was a Womanizer

Before marrying Demi Moore, “The Killers” star had his fair share of the ladies—take a look at some other Hollywood bad boys that were tamed.

-JoAnna Zulli

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

Ashton Kutcher says wife Demi Moore keeps him grounded. “I was out of control with women,” he admits. That was until he met Moore. The hot actor partied with radio talk jockey Howard Stern in L.A. this past weekend and then headed east to promote his new movie, Killers (opening June 4) on The Howard Stern Show.

“I was very abusive (with women),” he says. But, Kutcher adds he was honest with the women he dated telling them he wasn’t interested in a relationship, “but like every girl they always think that ‘I will be the one to change him.’”

Then, he met Moore. “We met through a mutual friend. She thought I was a douche bag. I had just gotten out of the shower and walked in the room with no shirt on.”

With a bare chest and just a towel around his waist, Kutcher knew right away that Demi was the one. “I knew I wanted to be with this person. I heard her on the phone talking to her daughter and I knew she would keep me grounded. I told her, ‘I need to talk to you later.’”  Kutcher admits the whole towel thing was a plan to get her attention, but when Demi wasn’t’ impressed, he knew he had his work cut out for him.

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“I seduced women. That was my move.” Of course, he did get Demi to talk to him later. “I was a womanizer. I wasn’t marriage material. I had to prove to her that I was serious. I hung in there telling myself this is the woman I want to be with.” Moore was to leave the next day to travel, but her flight was canceled due to weather, so as fate would have it Kutcher and Moore got to hang out a second night and then talked every day after that. It took Kutcher less than a month to prove to Moore that he loved her. And, the rest is history.

Here are some other celeb bad boys that have been tamed…

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  1. Everyone grows up, eventually — but you know what? I think it’s having children that really does the trick. I would say it’s more becoming fathers than finding the right woman that made the difference for these guys.

  2. It is Ok…He was young, beautiful, and should experience the field. I just wonder if Demi will keep his attention for good. Ashton got married pretty early for a guy like that.

  3. @Martinskats, yea he was. Mark Wahlberg was one of the original members. He didn’t like the original ‘bubblegum pop’ sound of the band so he left the band and Joey McIntyre took his spot.

  4. @Martinskats, yea he was. Mark Wahlberg was one of the original band members. But he didn’t like the ‘bubblegum pop’ sound of the band so he decided to quit. His position in the band was then taken over by Joey McIntyre. So we may all remember Joey being part of the band while we were growing up, but Mark was one of the original members.

  5. Gee get real. No one “tames” am male. Having a great match is the real key. Monogamy Tamed not a chance. This is a great match between a real woman and a man who is her match. Hand in glove fit!! She is not some “little” girl playing a woman but a real veteran of the Hollywood scene.
    Sabina,kitty,girleegirl get out of your fantasy come back to reality! No one can “tame” another, take CityLady212’s observation to heart.

  6. Previous poster is right. Donnie Wahlberg, the older brother of Marky Mark was the one in New Kids on the Block.

    I am a child of the 80’s. :)

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