At Work with Jennifer Aniston

Gossip Betty takes us behind the scenes of Jennifer Aniston's new movie, The Baster.

Gossip Betty

At Work with Jennifer Aniston

Behind the scenes Jen’s new movie – umbrella handler and all

-Kelly Will

Jennifer Aniston and Jason BatemanJennifer Aniston is hard at work on the set of The Baster in Manhattan with funnyman, Jason Bateman. The two have been filming the motherhood comedy in the city for four weeks while Jen stays at the super luxurious Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca.

This week, scenes are being filmed in Midtown and set sources gave me the inside details on some of Jen’s special requests. “Jen likes to have certain hair and makeup for all of her movies, especially the romantic comedies and she looks stunning in The Baster. She is unbelievably tan and her hair always looks perfect. She has an umbrella handler with her at all times due to the heat wave in New York. Her spray tan would literally slide off her face in the heat if she wasn’t protected. Everyone on set is also instructed not to tell any bystanders or paparazzi what we are filming or who is in the movie. We tell everyone it’s just a little commercial! Most people believe it and walk away without recognizing Jen.”

Jason Bateman, a longtime Aniston friend, is enjoying his time onset and making everyone laugh – without an umbrella handler. “Jason is a down-to-earth guy and he waves off the umbrella handler. It was so hot on Monday that he began sweating through his shirt, but he had the whole crew laughing anyway. Jen and Jason get along great and he makes her laugh all the time. For all the drama that surrounds Jen’s life, she is actually drama free.”

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Kelly WillGossip Betty is penned by New York City celebrity columnist Kelly Will. This 29-year-old magazine and newspaper reporter has written columns for the New York Times, the New York Daily News and the New York Post. Kelly’s weekly column will appear every Tuesday.

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0 thoughts on “At Work with Jennifer Aniston

  1. Unreal. First it’s $50,000 on hair stylist while she was in Europe promoting Marley and Me, now it’s an umbrella handler. Well at least she’s helping the economy by employing the poor guy who has to “hold” her umbrella, what a trip she must be!

  2. Most of her movies have sucked so far! So I don’t know why she keeps getting all these perks of people kissing her backside and walking around with her stupid umbrella, what a trip!

  3. Well at least Jason Batemen sounds cool and down to earth. There are loads of cool and level-headed actors out there, not all of them think they are the Queen of England.

  4. I don’t like to see a website play favorites, and I’m sick of all this Jennifer Aniston stuff on Betty’s. She’s a mediocre actress who always plays the same character — the deserted wife in real life, the so-so character in the movies. I just saw “He’s Just Not that Into You,” where she combined roles — top whining nobody.

  5. ” For all the drama that surrounds Jen’s life, she is actually drama free.”
    No drama surrounds Aniston’s life except what she put there. How many years running did she play deserted wife to Brad Pitt, think she had the right to insert herself into his new personal life, beg him to come back? IF there ever was a self-made drama queen, it’s Aniston — who also always manages to look the same, and now, thanks to this squib of an article, I know why; she wants it that way. She must think she’s perfect. Perfectly boring is more like it.

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