What to Wear to a Formal Fundraiser

A plus-size woman seeks advice about what to wear to a formal fundraiser.


For a Formal Fundraiser

Dear Fashionista411: I have a formal evening fundraiser to attend; many of the attendees will be clergy people. My problem is what to wear — I am fat! Size 18 bottom! Have any ideas?

Fashionista411: First, don’t start by criticizing your looks, without confidence in yourself you will never feel good no matter what you put on. You can look simply gorgeous no matter what size you are. A great look I would suggest for your shape is keeping the bottom in a darker color and drawing the attention to your top with a detailed top. 

The trendy look out now is Black and white, you can do a higher waist black skirt to accentuate your waist line, and add a white ruffle blouse. If you don’t feel comfortable in a skirt look for a dress in deep jewel tones, like purples, royal blues, and emerald greens, with detailed neck and waist lines to draw the attention up.

Two-Toned Pleated Halter Dress eluxury.com

Sunner Florent Ruffle Dress shopbop.com

Your Fashionista 411, Dawn

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0 thoughts on “What to Wear to a Formal Fundraiser

  1. cocobakerchica says:

    I agree! I’d stick to separates, because her bottom half is a bit larger than the top half, and she can customize the outfit for her body better. If the size difference is only one or two sizes, it would be good to find a dress that fits her lower half, then have a tailor take in the top to fit perfectly. Something with a higher waist and A-line would be great. It would be great if the site could use examples of plus sized models. That way women who wear beyond a size 8/10(believe it or not, a 10 is considered plus sized in the modeling industry!)can have a better idea of what something will look like on their bodies.

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