Attention, Twilight Fans

Want a part in Stephenie Meyer's new movie?

Attention, Twilight Fans

Want a part in Stephenie Meyer’s new movie?

-Jane Farrell

The Host

Don’t look for Kristen or Rob in the movie versions of Stephenie Meyer’s science-fiction novel The Host. Casting directors, hoping to come up with some equally fabulous unknowns, are holding open auditions for all the leading parts for the movie, which will start filming in early 2011.

Meyer hasn’t said for sure whether she’ll write a series of books based on The Host, as she did with Twilight. But the open-auditions call issued this week says that the movie will be followed by two more films, The Soul and The Seeker.

The Host has zero to do with vampires. Instead, it tells the story of extraterrestrial aliens who take over the mind of humans, while leaving their appearance intact. But Melanie Stryder, the main character, puts up more resistance than expected, and a female alien known as Wanderer is trapped inside Melanie’s body, with Melanie’s thoughts. So it’s only natural that Wanderer falls in love with Jared, Melanie’s boyfriend, who’s in hiding. Both women, trapped with each other, set off on a search for the man they love.

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The casting description for Melanie: “Female, early 20s. Attractive, tall and athletic, naturally tan skin, long dark brown hair, and hazel eyes.” Jared’s character is “Male, 20s. Handsome, physically fit, tan skin, sienna-colored eyes and sunbleached hair. (Yum.)

Wanderer, on the other hand, has no physical description at all: “Invading soul that inhabits Melanie Stryder’s body.” Maybe she just has to have a really, really good voice.

If you think you’re not up to those parts, the casting for extras will begin in early 2011, when the moviemakers are ready to start shooting.

Can you say dream job? (Acting Auditions)

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