Baby Products You Should Steal

You spend enough money on baby products- now make them work for more than just your baby!
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Baby Products You Should Steal

You spend enough money on baby products- now make them work for more than just your baby!

-Carrie Vining Spanier

 Mother with Baby

Baby products. We all spend a ton of money on them (more than we probably spend on ourselves or tell our husbands about!); we pay close attention to the latest organic ingredient; we even love the sweets smells of them … and yet, all the while, we use them on the little creatures, our babies, who care the least about them! Yes, we all want to pamper our darlings, but does Junior really care if he smells like a lavender vanilla cucumber? I think not!

So, what’s a glamour mom to do? Why steal them of course! We can use Baby’s bootie on ourselves, our homes and even our husbands. Read on to find out how…

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Baby Wipes

Yes, they take care of our little darlings’ tushies SEVERAL (my least favorite part of motherhood) times a day, but who knew that wipes could do so much more? Cleaning dirty little hands is an obvious added bonus, but how about removing your makeup, shining your shoes and polishing your furniture? Ever get deodorant marks on your little black dress (you know, the hot momma dress you have on reserve for the rare occasion you hit the town)? Simply rub a baby wipe on the mark and voila! “I even use baby wipes to clean the drool left on the floor by my dog,” said Allison Brandau, 38, mother of two. And let us not mention (OK, I’m mentioning) the occasional use of baby wipes for our own, ahem, personal use.

Baby Powder

Besides powdering little behinds, baby powder is quite an amazing little product. Along with freshening our own bodies (you know you use it too) it can also get grease out of clothing. If Junior wipes his chicken finger on his shirt (yes that $40 T-shirt you HAD to buy him) or you get a dollop of salad dressing on your “go-out” pants, have no fear, baby powder is here! Just coat the stain, let it sit and brush it off – it will absorb the oil or grease. Another great use: Nicole Slack Johnson, 40, mother of three says, “Pour powder in a sock and take it to the beach! It’s a great way to dust sand off.”

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  1. sugarandspice says:

    baby oil works magic on my dry skin…

  2. NYCdogmommy says:

    Desitin is magic on bug bites, rashes, burns-anything a klutzy adult can get!

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