Baby-Safe Cosmetics

A pregnant woman seeks advice on which cosmetics are safe for her to be using.

Beauty Queen

Baby-Safe Cosmetics

Dear Beauty Queen: I am six weeks pregnant and I’m looking for cosmetic brands that are safe for my baby. Do you have any recommendation? Thanks!

Beauty Queen: First off, congratulations! The good news is, the makeup you’re using now is most likely safe to use throughout your pregnancy (skin care is where you may want to start reading labels). A few things to look out for: If You’re using a foundation designed to combat acne, it likely contains salicylic acid, which you may want to put away until after you’ve delivered (or finished breastfeeding). Another questionable active ingredient could be sunscreen, but this is a matter of personal choice. If you’re trying to go as natural as possible while pregnant, opt for a mineral-based sunscreen product that contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as opposed to chemically-based sunscreens.

All you have to do is check the label on the bottle and you’ll know for sure. There’s no proof that any sunscreen is harmful to your baby, and this is just one of many decisions you’ll find yourself faced with while pregnant.

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