Barack Obama's Speech: What Did YOU Think?

What did you think of Barack Obama's speech?

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SO … What Did YOU Think?

Barack Obama’s first address to Congress and the American people

-The Bettys

President Obama

President Obama gave his much-anticipated speech last night … were you watching? We’d love to hear your opinion on how you feel about the president and the direction in which our country is going. A few of the Bettys (including, of course, Mean Betty!) weighed in; leave your comments below, too!

Carolyn N.:
Three words: Cheerleader-in-Chief. My fear is, as it was throughout the campaign, that he’s such a smooth communicator that it almost doesn’t matter what he says or how he plans – or doesn’t plan – to follow through.

I’ll give him points for challenging Americans, without blaming them, to take personal responsibility when he remarked that dropping out of high school/vocational training is failing yourself and failing America.

The love for and excitement around this man is so intense. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such energy coming through my television from any prior presidential address.

He gave a great speech, and everything he said sounded great. I don’t want to be skeptical, but it always sounds great. I want to see the change, feel the change, know the change. I really hope he will deliver.

Michelle looked stunning! The eggplant color looked amazing on her. Obama’s red-and-white striped tie, however, made me dizzy.

It was amazing to watch Obama enter the chamber – all those hands reaching out for him. People literally could not keep their hands off the man! He delivered an excellent address. I found him to be lucid, inspiring (education begins at home), and encouraging. The speech was intelligent but easy to follow: He spoke in particulars (the checks are on the way) and gave examples (help hardworking families stay in their homes). I love that he dove straight in – the economy is in crisis … WE WILL RECOVER. That’s what we all need to hear, and to believe, and to make happen.

He did a nice job finding points of unity. I know that there are many intelligent and good people in that room – and in America – who don’t agree with him, and I respect that. But I felt that there were times when the entire room was in accord, and that’s what we need right now.

Mean Betty:
Mean Betty refrains from political discourse, doves, but does want to know … what was Nancy Pelosi wearing, and who let her out of the house in it??? The color was bad enough (hideous, actually), but really, only someone with a firm grasp of the finer points of the Miracle Bra could pull off such an unfortunate garment. It was terribly hard to concentrate on the speech with Nancy leaping up every two minutes like some aged Kermit the Frog to loom over him, clapping wildly. Even Joe Biden’s teeth were outshone.

And Michelle, darling, we’re going to have to change your name to Well-Toned-Arms-In-Chief. Lovely color, but did you notice  – it being February and all – you were the only sleeveless woman in the room? A time and a place, dear.

Mary Dixie Carter:
I was glad that Obama explained the credit crisis in a simple manner, clarifying why the government is bailing out the banks, in spite of Americans’ disgust with the industry, with statements like, “We cannot afford to govern out of anger.” And, “It’s not about helping banks. It’s about helping people.” I liked his comparing government’s involvement at this moment to government’s action in the wake of World War II with the G.I. Bill and the creation of our public high school system during the Industrial Revolution. Terrific that he emphasized that responsibility for a child’s education lies first with his or her parents!

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0 thoughts on “Barack Obama's Speech: What Did YOU Think?

  1. Obama at first sounded a bit as he did on the campaign trail — until he got into the specifics of the recovery act. I liked most of his plans, especially the one to publish how money is being spent, his insistence that the heyday for fat cats was over, his once-and-for-all-times that the middle-class would not have tax increases, but cuts, instead. Where the GOP came up with this claptrap I don’t know, and it’s not as if Obama hasn’t said it often enough. His messages about the three major “first” concerns — health reform, energy, and education — were all clearly stated, and he couldn’t have been clearer about the tax raises/cuts if he’d tried. Anyone who can now confuse the two thinks that Rush Limbaugh is the Second Coming (no offense to Christians).

    This man, with his occasional dazzling smile and infrequent jokes (I loved his remark about Biden), his clear expressiveness, and his count-on-it serenity, is the first to occupy the White House, since JFK’s murder, who can be truly called…. presidential.

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