Read Obama's Hand

What Obama's palm-read reveals about him

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Read Obama’s Hand

What Barack Obama’s palm tells you about him

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Want to know what a hand-reading expert would say about the lines on Barack Obama’s hand? Well, the London Daily Mail asked Lori Reid, who is an expert at reading palms as well as analyzing fingers, to just take a look. And she has come up with, dare we say, a handful of information about the President-elect…

Barack Obama

It seems he has what Reid calls “The Water Hand,” which many writers, artists and thinkers also have. “The middle section of his fingers are very long, which shows he is a good manager–he has excellent psychology and listens to what people say, although he prefers to come to his own conclusions,” she said. “The little finger is particularly long in comparison to the other fingers, and this reveals his exceptional talents as an orator.” So far, right on.

Only problems: “The basal part or phalanx of the little finger” is on the chubby side. (The only part of Obama that is, we must point out.) Still, it means he is likely to put on weight when he gets older. And his deeply set index fingers means he just might have a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Is that one of the reasons he flared up at Hillary and Bill a few times during the primary campaign?

Obama's palm

Other positive pointers: His long, flexible thumb shows that he is a man who listens to others but knows his own mind. On his palm, the Mount of Venus is particularly padded, which, Reid said, means he is an especially loving guy. The lifeline shows he is generous, and his heart line indicates he is emotionally strong. “You can tell that he is a very private man because the line ends between his first and second fingers on his hand. This is not a man who likes to wear his heart on his sleeve,” Reid said.

She also noted that his “head line is not typical;” it is very straight, indicating he is a logical and pragmatic person, just the kind of leader we need in these challenging times. He also has a pronounced “sun line,” which is the mark of an inwardly secure and contented person.”

Now we’re not doubting Reid’s skill, but did her reading of his hand reveal anything the American public hasn’t already learned about President-Elect Obama? That, hands down, he is quite a guy.

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