Barack Obama is Rockin' the Retail World

President-elect Barack Obama is everywhere in the world of retail!



Barack is rockin’ the world of retail

-Judy McGuire

Obama face made from cupcakesAs Inauguration fever grows, so too does the amount of weird items emblazoned with the president-elect’s face. You can eat some Obama cake off a nifty “Historic Victory” commemorative plate which comes emblazoned with Obama’s “confident smile and kind eyes.”

If you prefer to wear your political beliefs, howz about this Obama necklace or these inaugural earrings. Or you could always stick with a tried and true t-shirt – union made and 50% off! Then again, perhaps you want to keep your political affiliation under wraps. In which case, these Barack Obama briefs sure are snazzy. Lest we ladies feel left out, there are also Obama thongs and Barack bikinis.

The Obama furniture market is sadly under-represented, though we hear you can buy his seat from a guy in Chicago.

For those of us too unpatriotic – I mean, cheap! – to shell out for Barack merch, Mac users can Obamafy their photos using the computer’s photobooth application to turn their photos into a version of the ubiquitous Shepard Fairey poster that we’ve been seeing everywhere.

Judy McGuire

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