Barack's Valentine to Michelle Obama

The always affectionate Barack surprised the First Lady Michelle Obama early this week with a sweet token of love


Romancing Michelle with Ganache

The always affectionate Barack surprised the First Lady early this week with a sweet token of love

-Mary Beth Sammons

Barack Valentine's DayKeeping it simple and sweet, our 44th president delivered an early V-Day gift  to the First Lady, hitting the passion scale at about a 10 (for remembering and springing into action before the day).  According to People, he sent an oh-so-cute message in a cake box and a card that simply read “I love you.” Whoever said romance is dead hasn’t been to the White House with its own tulip garden, and now a guy at the helm who gets that there is nothing like chocolate to win a woman’s heart.

Ten days before Valentine’s Day (the day when most guys wake up, and go “oh… sh…,” roll out of bed, race to the grocery store for some wilted carnations and the sappy missives “you’re my lovey, dovey sugarplum” left on the card rack), Barack risked an international security crisis, reached for his Blackberry and phoned in the love, ordering a Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake, drizzled with milk and dark chocolate glazes and cute little pink hearts, from Bake Me a Wish. Called “The Freedom Cake,” Bake Me a Wish donates a cake for every cake ordered to American military personnel overseas. I’ll say it for women across the country, “Oh, Barack, you are such a trouper! You guys are such a cute couple.”

Barack and MichelleApparently, Michelle received her sweet gift Tuesday (White House security, but not the U.S. Postal Service, evidently has a thing about delivering packages on time for holidays. Whatever).

In a world where a lot of guys pull out the old “short on time, cash and ideas” excuse for being lame on this fertility festival occasion, which is so regaled by greeting-card companies, florists, chocolatiers, and diamond-mine owners, I have one suggestion. Hey, dudes – check out Barack’s new sizzlin’ love stimulus package.

Everywhere we’ve seen Barack and Michelle – all along the campaign trail, in front of 20,000 screaming supporters, or alone in the privacy of the White House elevator (with 10 Secret Service men) on Inauguration night – Barack has regarded and treated Michelle with respect, unabashedly expressing his affection and his love for her. He smiles and romances her for all the world to see. Therein, perhaps, lies his greatest service to our country – shower women with kisses and presents, his message of hope for all women kind.

Guys, it’s all very simple if you just take Barack’s lead. It’s okay to leave your socks around, hang your pants on the door, or leave out the newspaper. But never, never, ever forget chocolate!

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