Battle the Bulge With Tempting Treats

A new study on how to keep off the pounds by tempting yourself with sweets.

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Go Ahead and Tempt Yourself

Keeping sweets around could help you battle the bulge

-Julie Ryan Evans

woman holding lollipopI don’t know about you, but the minute I decide it’s time to drop a few pounds, the first thing I do is clear the cupboards … and freezer … and fridge … and all secret hiding places of hidden, tempting sweets. But a new study says that might not be such a wise move.

Studies show that learning to resist temptation may be more effective than just banishing the foods – ah, but that seems so much harder! I mean if there’s a coconut cream pie sitting there, it just seems like sheer torture.

“The main message is that banishing food temptations may not be the best way to limit the amount eaten. Tempting foods can actually increase willpower,” explained lead author Kelly Geyskens, an assistant professor of marketing at the Lessius Hogeschool in Antwerpen, Belgium.

It appears that practice may make perfect … or at least make us stronger in the long run.

“When a new temptation situation subsequently arises, these activated strategies will be activated again and will be strengthened,” Geyskens explained.
OK, I get it, but in practicing all this self-control, I’ll be bound to fail sometimes, and then there’s that big coconut cream pie just staring me down, waiting to comfort me in my defeat…

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