Bedtime Beauty Tips and Bargain Picks

Betty's Beauty Queen offers quick tips and bargain picks for bedtime beauty.
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Bedtime Beauty Tips and Bargain Picks

Maximize your beauty sleep with these quick tips and bargain products

-Paige Herman Axel

A woman sleepingBeauty sleep is not a myth. Our skin really does rejuvenate itself overnight, and you can use this downtime to give yourself a nocturnal boost from head to toe. Just take five extra minutes at bedtime to follow these beauty tips, and you just may sleep better and wake up to softer skin, healthier hair, and a renewed spring in your step.

Curel Natural Healing Moisturizing Lotion with Lavender, Chamomile and Oat ExtractsMoisturizing before bed is like giving your skin a big glass of water. I like to focus on my legs and arms (we’ll get to hands and feet later), and a yummy smelling lotion is a must. But you can also reap the benefits of aromatherapy at the same time by choosing a lavender-scented lotion. This particular essential oil has been shown to ease stress, so slathering on a lotion that contains lavender at bedtime can help you fall asleep easier and rest better.
One to try: Curel Natural Healing Moisturizing Lotion with Lavender, Chamomile and Oat Extracts
. ($8.49,

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  1. Good article. I have been using satin pillowcases for over a year now and WOW what a difference. Hair isn’t dried out, don’t have the frizzys or split ends like I used to. I agree with you about the pillow creases on your face. I noticed them when I slept on cotton but not since I started using the satin. There is a company with over 20 solid colors to choose from, all of them beautiful. Their name is A Touch of Satin. Google them and take a look at what they have. I have a set of green but I just ordered another set in Angel’s Dream, which is a gorgeous off white color. Satin is truly the way to go and it’s why so many celebrities use them.

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