Behind the Scenes of Glee and Mad Men

Four top TV producers spill to BettyConfidential.
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Behind the Scenes of Glee and
Mad Men

Four top TV producers spill to BettyConfidential.

-Carrie Seim


“I’m totally delusional… you take away the TV show and I am insane.” –Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men

Last week, BettyConfidential had the honor of attending a panel discussion with the creators of four hit TV shows – all of which had just been nominated for Golden Globes only a few hours before.

Matthew Weiner (Mad Men), Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck), Steven Levitan (Modern Family) and Carter Bays (How I Met Your Mother) sat down for a chat with Peter Tolan (Rescue Me) at a lunch hosted by the Hollywood Radio & Television Society.

BettyConfidential was there to hear all the scintillating gossip and hilarious anecdotes straight from TV Land.

Bad Boys, Bad Jobs

Before the scripts, the stars and the success — the four hit makers all used to have rotten jobs.

Matthew Weiner of Mad Men quipped, “I’m unemployable in every other profession.” He related a story about getting fired from a 9-to-5 office job after admitting to his boss that he spent the majority of his working hours playing Hearts on the computer.

Mad Men

Ryan Murphy, whose show Glee revolves around a high school singing club, discussed his own teenage  “week of terror.” At age 15 he was hired by Florsheim Shoes at his local mall but was fired after his first day because he refused to touch feet. He then moved a few stores down to the GAP, where he was promptly fired for failing to stack jeans correctly. He finally landed a gig as a gift wrapper at a jewelry store, a job he clung to for a full two years.

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Real Life/TV Life

The funnymen then opened up about their real lives and how they pour them into their TV shows.

Carter Bays said the idea for the hit How I Met Your Motherthe first show he and writing partner Craig Thomas ever developed — came from the two of them chatting about their lives and families. He said they wanted the show to have a hopeful perspective, which its flashback format facilitates.

How I Met Your Mother

“It’s about the uncertainty of being single,” he explained. “But it starts from the premise that everything’s going to be OK.”

Steven Levitan said he also spent a lot of time “sitting around” and listening to his family.

 “We’ve got to harness this good dialogue,” he realized.

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