Best Dressed at the 2010 Oscars

The stars on the red carpet at the Academy Awards amped up the glam with big hair, statement jewelry and sparkling gowns.
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Best Dressed at the 2010 Oscars

The stars on the red carpet at the Academy Awards amped up the glam with big hair, statement jewelry and sparkling gowns.

-PJ Gach

J. Lo and Demi Moore

It’s a shame that they don’t give an award for best dressed at the Oscars. Old Hollywood glam ruled the red carpet, in all the colors of the rainbow, from pale mint green and blush pink to deep scarlet and royal blue.

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Amanda Seyfried

While Amanda Seyfried stumbled in her red carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest when he asked her why she’d left Big Love (she insinuated that her role wasn’t big enough on the ensemble show), she didn’t make a misstep in her pale green Armani Prive gown, which was beaded with Swarovski crystals.

Carey Mulligan

A blond, elfin Carey Mulligan glittered in a sweetheart neckline strapless gown by Prada. The figure-hugging gown sparkled with Swarovski crystals and to add a little extra shine, the Oscar nominee wore jewelry by Fred Leighton.

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0 thoughts on “Best Dressed at the 2010 Oscars

  1. These women looked AMAZING. Love Panelope’s dress. I loved the color of Demi’s dress! Cameron Diaz is also stunning. Why isn’t Sandra Bullock here?! I thought her dress was gorgeous!

  2. Demi’s dress was stunning. It had an interesting and flattering design that suited her well. Mo’nique cleaned up well, too. It’s nice to see some of the plus-sized women pulling off sexy so well, and she did last night. I hated SJP’s dress; it looked like something put together by a first year fashion design student. It gave her no shape and the color was awful. Didn’t care for all of those ruffles on Vera Froming either. It was just too much and is another awards show dress that reminds me of one of my old Barbie dolls, circa 1985. Finally, if I scroll up a little and cut off Kristen Stewart’s always unhappy face, the dress is gorgeous. It probably would have looked better on someone more cheerful, but then again, black is a staple with pasty Emo chicks.

  3. I agree with ctgarcialeon, didn’t like SJPs dress at all. All the others are scrumptious though and since I missed the red carpet due to cable wars, I appreciate getting the high and low lights from the BC crew!

  4. I think that Penelope Cruz is the best dressed star of the oscars! She looks like royalty, but I would’ve chosen a less severe hair style, I think she needed some softer tresses framing her face to complete the romance of her dress & the ambience of the occasion. As far as Sara Jessica Parker’s & Nicole Richie’s choice of dresses, I think they made the wrong list for sure! I really liked Sandra Bullock’s dress, but I agree that her make-up was wrong, especially the lipstick color! Oh, & J-Lo looks lovely in everything she wears, she’s like Penelope Cruz…they’re classic godesses!

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