A Better Brain at Any Age

read a free excerpt from Sondra Kornblatt's book

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A Better Brain at Any Age

Read a free excerpt from Sondra Kornblatt’s book

-Sabina Durrani

book cover We could all use a little help with our busy brains – we are over stressed, over-worked, over everything! Here comes Sondra Kornblatt to the rescue with a book to ease just that.

A Better Brain at Any Age gives you the opportunity to improve your memory, reduce stress and sharpen your wits. With a holistic approach, Sondra helps boost your brainpower through the body’s perspective – keeping the body happy will keep the mind strong.

Sondra uses scientific techniques along with physical exercises such as laughter, meditation and changes in your environment to keep you mentally balanced. With a charming author and life changing advice, this book is a must read!

Best part of it all? Betty readers get a free excerpt from the book! Just click here, and be prepared for some brain boosting fun. Available anywhere books are sold.

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