Betty Readers on Hot Current News Items

Betty readers on hot current news items

The Pulse of Women

Betty Readers on Hot Current News Items

The results of our latest polls, from Susan Boyle to the economy

-The Betty Editors

a group of female friendsOne of the most fun things about being a Betty editor is deciding what to write about and report on – from how-to stories to recaps of world events to dishy gossip. We love hearing what YOU think – in the comments section, in your e-mails to the editor, and, of course, when you participate in our polls and surveys. Over the last month we’ve asked you about everything from the economy to Susan Boyle – and we thought you’d like to know what your fellow Betty readers are thinking!

Gay Marriage

Perez HiltonOne of the hottest topics of late is the brouhaha surrounding Carrie Prejean (aka Miss California), Perez Hilton, and the issue of gay marriage. We got tons of comments on our articles as the story unfolded; we even got Perez Hilton himself to give us his thoughts on the situation.

So, what do our polls say YOU think about legalizing gay marriage?

42% o fyou say it should absolutely be legalized, agreeing, “It’s a basic civil right,” which leaves the majority — 58% — opposed to legalizing gay marriage:

  • 32% do not support gay marriage, but do support civil unions with all the same rights as marriages.
  • And 26% feel marriage is between a man and a woman, plain and simple.

American Idol – Who Cares?

Adam Lambert and Kris AllenWhile those of you who had an opinion were about equally divided over being thrilled Kris Allen won Idol (21%) and feeling Adam Lambert was robbed (20%), most of you (60%) said, “Who cares?!”

And you felt about the same when we asked if you thought AT&T did indeed alter the outcome of the vote – a whopping 51% of you admitted to not caring at all. Of those of you who DO care, slightly more think the contest was fixed (27%) than fair (22%).

Susan Boyle – You Still Love Her (For NOW!)

Susan BoyleWhen we asked, on May 4, how you felt about Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle, the majority (60%) of you responded: “Power to her! Why shouldn’t she enjoy her ride?” 23% of you confessed: “I’m over her — she’s totally overexposed,” and 17% felt she should “stick to singing.”

By May 26, right after Susan’s “Memories” performance, positive feelings were starting to slide: Only 41% said “I’m a bigger fan than ever,” while 37% said, “I’m over her – she was totally overhyped!” And 21% were disappointed by her performance Saturday but are “still rooting for her.”

Elizabeth Edwards Gets Your Sympathy (Barely)

Elizabeth Edwards and Larry KingWe were really curious to see what Bettys thought about Elizabeth Edwards and her new book in which she dishes the details on her hubby’s affair. We asked: “Do You Admire Elizabeth Edwards for Standing by Her Man?” and most of you (47%), said: She’s very ill with cancer — she should do whatever she wants. 9% of you said “Yes – good for her!”

As for the naysayers, 26% of you agreed: “No – and her book is just about getting more publicity,” and 18% checked off: “She’s crazy and he’s a creep!”

Jon and Kate Make You Sad

Jon and Kate GosselinAnother big news item lately – Jon and Kate Gosselin and their rocky marriage. Most of you (43%) said: “It’s sad – they were a sweet couple.” But a big chunk of you (30%) said you were “Not surprised – 8 kids would ruin any marriage!” Interestingly, 20% of you feel the couple should “stay together for the kids” and 7% of you agreed: “Octomom has the right idea – go single!” (You were just kidding, right?)

When asked if the reality show should be cancelled – you’re pretty much all on the same page: 89% of you said, “Yes, for the kids’ sake.” (4% said yes, for Kate’s sake; 4% said yes, for Jon’s sake, and still another 4% said: “No! It’ s bad for everyone – but I’m addicted!”).

Farrah Fawcett Also Makes You Sad

Farrah FawcettJust this past weekend, we asked if you thought the Farrah Fawcett documentary was exploitative. The majority of you (56%) agreed it was indeed exploitative, with 40% saying that’s why you didn’t watch it and 16% saying you “watched it anyway.” 44% of you said it wasn’t exploitative at all because “she’s a public figure.”

The 66-year-old Pregnant Woman Creeps You Out

Elizabeth AdeneyWhen we asked about the 66-year old woman expecting her first baby, the majority of you (63%) said it’s “hard to imagine, but it’s her choice.” 32% aren’t understanding, choosing: “Disgusting! It should be illegal.” And a very few Bettys (5%) said, “Good for her!”

The Economy and Swine Flu – Things Are Looking Up!

Overall, you Bettys are feeling optimistic about some of the major issues in the world today – the economy and swine flu. On May 11, we asked how you were feeling about the economy, and 48% said you were “cautiously optimistic that things are already getting better.” 20% said it HAS to get better because it CAN’T get worse! Of course – not all of you think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel (or if there is, it’s a train!): 32% agreed, saying, “Brace yourself — the worst is yet to come.”

As for swine flu – you scoff in the face of swine flu! On May 8, 60% of you agreed, “It was – and is – a bunch of overblown hysteria about nothing.” Almost all of the rest of you (37%) were “worried at first but less so now,” and a small percentage of you (3%) think, essentially, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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  1. Wow — It’s really interesting to see to see a slight majority opposed to gay marriage — even though it’s slight. Sigh.

    Also I’m surprised to see so many women think Jon & Kate should be canceled. And the 66-year-old pregnant woman results — fascinating!

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