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1. Burnin’ down the house, the coffee house that is. Remember the topless coffee shop that opened in a tiny Maine town in February? Well, the controversy surrounding it sparked literal flames as it was burned down Wednesday morning. Police suspect arson.

Owner of the UNINSURED shop, Donald Crabtree, says he’ll try to reopen.

“I’ll keep going. … I’ve got some girls out of work, and I’m going to do all I can to get in there,” Crabtree said. (USA TODAY )

2. Another Craigslist crime … this time a man in North Carolina actually used the virtual want ads to arrange his wife’s rape, which occurred at knifepoint while said husband and their two small children were home. Police investigators discovered that the attacker had responded to an advertisement on Craigslist placed by the woman’s husband “in an effort to arrange for someone to come to his home and have sex with his wife using some type of scare tactic.”

“Investigators believe [he] arranged this incident without the knowledge or consent of the victim,” the police statement said.

No word on why in the hell someone would want to do this. (CNN)

3. Step away from the television, and take your children with you. All those DVDs and television shows that promise to make your children smarter may actually be doing just the opposite. A new study says tube time takes away from interaction with parents, which is crucial to children’s learning and language development. The study says the number of words and vocalizations between children and adults are reduced, even if they’re only within earshot of a television.

“Some of these reductions are likely due to children being left alone in front of the television screen, but others likely reflect situations in which adults, though present, are distracted by the screen and not interacting with their infant in a discernible manner,” write researcher Dimitri A. Christakis, MD, MPH, of the University of Washington, and colleagues in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

So that means no more Oprah in the afternoon? (newser)

4. President Obama is bringing out the big guns to support his Supreme Court Nomination, Sonia Sotomayor. Michelle Obama is jumping to her defense telling attendees of a high school graduation Wednesday that Sotomayor is “more than ready” for the job and said the Obamas have traveled a road similar to that of Sotomayor.

Newt Gingrich issued a mea culpa of sorts earlier in the day, admitting that calling Sotomayor racist was “”perhaps too strong and direct.” (Associated Press)

5. Another Cold Case … A New Jersey woman, missing since August 2007, was last seen leaving her home after a fight with her husband. Liza Murphy left all of her personal possessions and three children behind with no trace of her disappearance. Her husband, Joe Murphy, attempted suicide days after, and her mother fears for the worst.

“She would never leave her three children behind voluntarily,” her mother insisted. “What doesn’t make sense is Liza leaving her house without her purse, cell phone, wallet, keys or cigarettes,” she added. “She was a heavy smoker, and if she took off after a fight for a walk to cool off, she definitely wouldn’t leave without her cigarettes!”

Joe Murphy hasn’t been named as a suspect or a person of interest. Police are seeking help from the public. (CNN)

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  1. His wanting to commit suicide is just the cream on this cake. It is sad that people can bring themselves to such boiling points, that they can feel anger beyond what is on the charts. What is worth that type of anger? Fiances would be numero uno, so when there are issues, which almost all of us at one point or another have faced, let it be. Hammering on somebody because things aren’t great isn’t going to help. There are other things that get the best of us, affairs, but we were supposed to be smarter than that. I guess who knows what there problems were. But now they will put the pieces together, faith dosen’t seem to matter, but allowing people to know that life dosen’t need to be so black and white, there are explanations. We may not like them, but we can expect that as human beings, we are all different. So learning to be tolderable certainly helps.

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