BettyConfidential's Most Fascinating Women of 2009

Find out who made our list!
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BettyConfidential’s Most Fascinating Women of 2009

Find out who made our list!

-Carrie Seim

Most Fascinating Women

2009 was the year of men behaving badly (see also: Appalachian Trail hiker Gov. Mark Sanford, Balloon Boy’s whacko dad, Tiger Woods, that guy who dumped us … we could go on). Frankly, it wasn’t too hard for the ladies to shine. Yet certain fabulous – and infamous! – females captured our imaginations more than ever before this year.

Here are Betty’s Most Fascinating Women of 2009.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

She’s not just our First Lady, she’s our most fascinating lady (see above). Michelle has brought fashion, romance, elegance, intelligence, organic veggies – and arm envy – to the White House. (Have we mentioned her clothes?)

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Topping best dressed lists world over, Michelle stuns whether she’s acting as Mom-in-Chief to daughters Sasha and Malia, Mentor-in-Chief to the low-income D.C. students she frequently invites to White House events, Legend-in-Chief to honorees at Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball, Brain-in-Chief (making the list of Harvard’s 100 most influential alumni) or Spouse-in-Chief while slow dancing with her husband, the 44th president of the United States.

The only question we have for Michelle is – when will you run for office? Oh, and how do we get in touch with your trainer?

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Love her or hate her (we’ve done both!), our nation can’t get enough of Sarah Palin. Depending on which way your arctic wind blows, she’s either a hot hockey mom who’s made great strides as a folksy female politician – or an empty-headed enemy to intelligent women.

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What can’t be debated is that Sarah “Barracuda” isn’t afraid to (ice) fish for controversy. From tussles with David Letterman, to battles with her grandbaby-daddy Levi Johnston, to fights over her fashions on the campaign trail, to ruffled feathers with Camp McCain, Sarah’s had a knock-down drag-out year.

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But she may just get the final K.O. Her book, Going Rogue: An American Life, topped the U.S. bestseller list in its first week on shelves, and her recent appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show and at various book signings around the country have fueled rumors that Sarah has her sights on a 2012 White House bid.

From our lips to Tina Fey’s ears.

Kimberly Munley

Kimberly Munley

Sgt. Kimberly Munley is the kind of badass woman we all want as our BFF. The 5’4” mom/SWAT-team member/hunter/”tough woman” rushed to the scene of the Fort Hood massacre and fired shots at alleged gunman, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, during his killing spree.

While later reports indicated that Kimberly’s partner, Senior Sgt. Mark Todd, actually fired the shots that took Hasan down, she’s still a sharp shooting hero in our book. 

The lady surfs, cares for a 3-year-old, dives headlong into danger to save strangers, stays cool under life-and-death pressure, stop burglars at her own home, takes a bullet AND writes a blog?

Sgt. Munley, you had us at hello.

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0 thoughts on “BettyConfidential's Most Fascinating Women of 2009

  1. Yes to female power. I admire these women individuality except for that woman who is making all those children? Hope someone could stop her via sergical means sooooooon……….

  2. It’s almost a sacrilege to show Michelle Obama – an accomplished woman who has achieved so much in her life and presented such an exemplary role model to women – and mothers – everywhere – standing next to reality whore Kate Gosslin. Pulease.

  3. Kate Gosselin, Gaga and Octomom on the same list as Michelle Obama? I understand that there is a lot of interest in all of these people separately, however, it seems almost disrespectful to put them together!!

  4. You must be joking about the insane media whore Octomom. Nobody knows her name or cares. She exists only as a cautionary tale of a selfish foolish,even vicious,parasite on society who produced sick defective offspring in the past and then, in an act of total irresponsibility with the aid of a doctor with no ethics whatsoever,produced still more. The people of the late great State of California have been and will continue to be victimized by these two repulsive individuals and the offspring.

  5. For shame! Michelle Obama, Neda Agha-Soltan, Susan Boyle, Taylor Swift and Kimberly Munley in the company of no-brains, attention-hound Sarah Palin and trash like Kate Gosselin, Gaga and Octomom? Octomom looks less and less like Angelina Jolie, not that she ever looked much like her. In fact, Jolie would have been a good choice, and so would have been Meryl Streep, who’s proving 60-year-old women can still be major actors and love interests in films. See Vanity Fair for why Streep’s so fascinating. 0Gosselin, Octomom and Gaga are about as “fascinating” as yesterday’s rotten fish or the cheapest “residents” of a brothel, which resemblance to is what Gaga has used to twitch to fame.

  6. I’d say the real woman of “Blindside,” LeAnne ____. She did amazing thing by saving a young kid’s life, and if there were more people around like her, we’d be in a heck of a lot better place.

  7. I agree with the others who criticized you for having Kate Gosselein in the list. Come on! She has no brain which is proven by the fact that she didn’t know what a dog her husband is. I don’t care if you have 20 kids, your husband should always come first. She screwed that up big time.

  8. Good job on your choice of Taylor Swift. For a young kid, she has the class and style of a more seasoned woman. There isn’t much room for improvement nor need for it. Kudos to her parents. Kids are always a product of the moms and dads of the world. Congratulations to them as well.

  9. ew octomom needs to be stopped. i bet she wouldn’t have had so many freakin kids if other people’s money tax wasn’t paying for them.
    and taylor swift is getting a little old. i liked her but she’s so blown up it’s starting to get annoying.

  10. Ooooh, Meryl Streep would have been a good one to add! But I have to say, after all the comments about Octomom, she must be at least kind of fascinating (in a BAD way) otherwise she wouldn’t make you so upset!

  11. What do a person expect when Barbara Walter pick Kate Gosselin & Octomom? Kate& Octomom had a bunch of children & made money off of their precious children,that not FASCINATING at all…

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