Betty and LeMetric at Saks!

A recap of An Evening of Reinvention and raffle winners at Betty's Saks Fifth Ave event.

Free-flowing wine, Estée Lauder makeovers, incredible and inspiring speakers, heavenly shoes … yep, being a Betty is a tough job, but someone has to do it! Those of us NYC Bettys at “An Evening of Reinvention” — the event Betty co-sponsored last night with Le Metric and Saks Fifth Avenue — had such a great time meeting everyone who braved the dreary, drizzly night to spend what turned out to be a truly wonderful evening.

Some photos from the night are below – but first, the winners of our raffle!

$75 Saks gift cards:

• Julie Compton
• Kim Koo
• Jill Goldsberry

One in-office whitening ($1,000 value) with celeb dentist Dr. Apa: Isabella Fisher

$2,500 toward a Smile Makeover from celeb dentist Dr. Apa: Shauna Mulcherge

Congratulations ladies!  To claim your prizes please email


The Bettys


Elline Surianello

Elline Surianello, founder of LeMetric Hair Center for women, wowed the audience with her story. Imagine starting to lose your hair at the age of 9, and struggling with hair loss all through your teens and early 20s … and then turning it all around into a career that helps women in the same boat look and feel beautiful! Elline’s talk was honest, open, and inspiring. The key message – if you’re unhappy with something – CHANGE it! It’s in your power! Read more about Elline Surianello.

Valerie White

Dr. Valerie White shared her thoughts on the power of positive thinking … beauty from the inside out. She was a perfect complement to Elline’s empowering message.

Lois Joy Johnson

Last but not least, Betty’s own Beauty+Style editor Lois Joy Johnson made true on her promise to talk about how to be HEALTHY, HIP, and HOT! She was terrific – and even brought a special guest, celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter who joined Lois on stage to chat about makeup secrets. Next week we’ll be posting the highlights from Lois’ talk – for now check out her latest article on budget style!


The Betty and LeMetric even at SAKSThese ladies are READY TO BETTY!

A woman receiving at makeover at the Betty and LeMetric SAKS eventGetting a makeover from the Estée Lauder pros

April Daniels Hussar Aryn Quinn
Betty’s Executive Editor April Daniels Hussar with Aryn Quinn, founder of the incredible non-profit Beauty Cares.

guests at the Betty and LeMetric event at SAKSMore gorgeous guests!

And finally … how ALL great parties inevitably end …

Elline Surianello's shoesElline kicks off her fabulous shoes!

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