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March contest to win $1,000

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Betty Pays the Bills Giveaway

Enter here to win $1,000, only from!

Economy got you feeling down? Fret no more … It’s Betty to the rescue!

So, what would YOU do if you won $1,000?! Pay off that nagging credit card bill, add to your 401K or maybe even your savings? Well, it’s up to you!

Since we know times are tough, we want to show our support and appreciation for all our loyal Bettys out there. So, for the month of March, we will be running our Betty Pays the Bills Contest and one lucky Betty will take home $1,000 on us. All you have to do is click here to sign up! The best part is that you can enter daily to be the $1,000-richer winner!

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! Click here to enter now and come back every day to improve your chances!

Good luck and Betty on!

For giveaway rules, please click here.

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107 thoughts on “Betty Pays the Bills

  1. Everytime I get a little ahead to pay down my credit card bill something comes up and I need to charge to it causing it to go right back up again. I would love to be able to plunk down a substantial amount at one time.

  2. Can’t get ahead, just keeping my head above water these days.Contemplating giving up the home, but with the market the way it is I’d lose, no matter which way you cut it. Worked all my life, and raised three girls. Now it should be getting easier but it’s not. I have never had to live paycheck to paycheck but find thats what I’m doing now.

  3. We’re in desperate need of a vacation. I’d use the
    money to whisk my hubby of 38 years away for a much needed getaway to somewhere warm and sunny.

  4. I’m a server at the cheesecake factory in arizona. The summers are brutal here. We make little to NO money. SO I would put the money away to help us get threw the hot months. Our power bill during the hot months are in the high $200. this would be amazing to win..

  5. I would use the money for my kid’s education fund. Even though we need the money for other necessities right now, I am just nervous about not being prepared for my kid’s college education.

  6. I would use the money to pay some bills, as you see I was in a very bad car wreck on feb,8th and have been out of the hospital a few day now. My Signeficant Other has been by myside everyday. She is an angel. With the economy the way it is it was really hard and now it seems impossible to keep up. You see we are both self-employed and not beeing able to work means no money and no benifits. Thanks and good luck to all

  7. Well don’t ya know everytime I pay off me credit card my car breaks down. The money would go towards debt and not to mention I have a Senior that needs to go to college.

  8. I can think of many things I would LOVE to spend it on…but unfortunately, it would most likely just pay bills that I am behind on. And with summer coming up, my bill electric bill skyrockets here in Nevada!

  9. I just started a new job, and have also lost a bit of weight since my last job. My work clothes are not looking to “stylisth” right now. Would love the chance to get a few things that fit.


  10. As I mentioned earlier I have several cats and I also care for a feral community here which is growing as the economy suffers people are discarding them so I would feed more with this money.

  11. Both my husband and son were laid off on Friday with a slim chance of being called back. There is approx a 6 week wait to collect. I am paying all the bills and could sure use some help.

  12. Now that the kids have moved out, we need to do some repairs. We learned long ago that zit cream has peroxide in it that bleaches hand prints in carpets. Have you priced carpets lately???? Maybe I should just think of them as fond memories.

  13. We are always short on money. For health reasons, I have to live in Arizona and my husband travels back and forth from Utah. We are trying to keep up with two residences on his social security. It just doesn’t do it.

  14. I would use it on our “dream” vacation and really enjoy our trip. We plan a trip by train from Maine to California and back, stopping 12 times along the way. We want to see the places we have never been before and plan to be gone 30 days. ( or until our money runs out!)

  15. My daughter is getting married in September and lives 3000 miles away. I have saved up enough for airfare for all of use but still trying to figure out how to cover the cost of shelter. Worst part is they are doing cutbacks at work, so far I haven’t lost my job but I have lost 10 percent of my wages for the next two years so I would definitely use the money to attend my baby girls wedding and stay a little longer than I was going to stay due to costs.

  16. Yeah, a week after I switched insurance plans (higher deductible, lower premium, fewer benefits) I wound up in the ER with a ruptured cyst. Just got the SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLAR bill. Checked under my mattress, but nothing there… :(

  17. I would love to be able to go to NYC to see my kids while they still live close enough to travel to with my oxygen tanks. I don’t know how flying with oxygen works.

  18. Now that I’m disabled I go stir crazy at home. I have pulmonary rehab 3 mornings a week and I like to go to Bingo. This would finance a long losing streak or a new winning streak. It helps me keep my sanity.

  19. I would pay off some bills. Moneys tight as is for most people these day. I’ts great you have contests like this. I’t would be like getting a stimulas payday.

  20. $1,000 would be like a dream come true for us right now. It would take care of my Son’s dental work, my Dog’s re-check, get our car serviced, and insurance paid. Things have been rough, and there is just not quite enough money to pay for anything beyond our most basic needs right now.

  21. I would use the money to buy some groceries. Also my daughter is taking pictures in her dance costumes. With the way prices have been going up, right now I can’t afford to buy any pcitures. Boy would this make it possible!

  22. We just found out that both cars will be going in to see the mechanic. One is clunking and the other is leaking fluid in the garage. One at a time they will go in to be patched.


  24. I would use the $1000 to pay my share of all the medical bills that insurance doesn’t pay. Plus the co-payments that they require. You can’t afford to be sick now a days.

  25. need a new water pipe for hot water heat and $ 1,000 would pay the plummer. Dag…wouldn’t that be nice.Fingers crossed. Boy wouldn’t I be surprised to actually win.

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