Sarah Palin Power – What a ROCK STAR!

We met Gov. Sarah Palin at a northern California event (on Sunday, Oct. 5th), and here is a peek into our experience of meeting the woman known as PALIN POWER!

Betty on the Scene!

Palin Power – What a ROCK STAR!

Editor’s Note: The following is one Betty’s opinion following a meeting with Sarah Palin. welcomes all opinions and doesn’t endorse any particular candidate or political party. 

Sarah Palin

Team Betty was there! A couple of us Bettys met Gov. Sarah Palin at a northern California event (on Sunday, Oct. 5), and here is a peek into our experience  meeting the woman known as PALIN POWER!

Before the event: Mobs of protestors lining the streets surrounding the Hyatt in Burlingame, Calif. Having a tough time parking the car – UGH!

Inside the VIP room: While roughly 1,500 people attended the main luncheon, about 125 people were sent to the VIP room to get a photo with Gov. Palin prior to the event. BETTY was there! After two hours – waiting around in three-inch heels … OUCH! – we were  were up to meet, greet and have a photo opportunity with Gov. Palin. Here’s what happened:


I get it. Sarah Palin is a ROCK STAR. No matter what the outcome is in the election, this woman is going places; Honey … can we talk? Her star has only begun to rise.

First impression: OK … I hate to sound sexist here, but this woman is a KNOCKOUT! Her highlights are perfect, her body is tiny, and she is pretty stunning. (Inside my head: I was completely offended when Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai’s first reaction/statement to Gov. Palin was, “You are beautiful,” but I said the same damn thing.)

Sarah Palin electionThe first thing we said to her: “Your boots are awesome!” (Inside my head: OK … I felt somewhat like a fool that this was the first thing I blurted out of my mouth, but these boots were sexy, and I would have stopped any woman on the street, and complimented her boots).

What we wish we’d said to her: Who does your highlights? And, can interview you and find out more about your sense of style? … PLEASE! Yes, we care about the issues, but where do you buy those clothes in Alaska?

What she’s like in person: She is FUNNY! And REAL! Gov. Palin poked fun at herself over the brouhaha of the Katie Couric interview. She said that when she was asked by another reporter “what happened … why the debacle in the Katie Couric interview?” Gov. Palin responded by saying she wanted to keep Tina Fey gainfully employed.

Most surprising thing about her: She is like a SIZE ZERO. (Inside my head: I keep making excuses for my extra 20 pounds of baby fat, because I, too, had a baby in April, and I now have NO excuse … this woman is tiny and looking good).

Sarah Palin protestersBiggest disappointment: The campaign is keeping this woman WAY TOO scripted. We’re hearing the same things over and over, and she does not need to be so scripted and kept so carefully close to the talking points. (Inside my head: We know it’s not your fault Sarah, it’s the campaign forcing you to not be yourself).

Last word: You’ve already won us over Sarah, we just want to enjoy your charm!

One last word: You rock Governor Palin!


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