Leonardo DiCaprio is Betty's New Boyfriend

Bettys Boyfriend of the Week is now Leonardo DiCaprio.

Betty Boyfriend of the Week

Betty Boyfriend of the Week: Leonardo DiCaprio

And why Brody Jenner is in the doghouse

-The Bettys

Leonardo DiCaprioThough he started off on Romper Room (where he was nearly thrown off for bad behavior), the first time most of us saw Leonardo DiCaprio he was running around as little Luke Brower on the early ‘90s sitcom, Growing Pains. He next popped up on the radar in 1993 with a riveting performance as Johnny Depp’s developmentally disabled brother in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. From then on Leo’s career has been in an upward trajectory.

Unlike many child stars (Danny Bonaduce, both Coreys, Jodi Sweetin, etc.) DiCaprio has made the transition from child star to serious adult actor without really ever having embarrassed himself. Instead of opting for easy teen stardom, he chose darker roles, like Jim Carroll in Basketball Diaries and the gay poet, Rimbaud, in Total Eclipse. While these might have stayed under the box-office radar, he hit the big money with Titanic, which remains tied with Ben-Hur as the highest grossing film ever.

DiCaprio’s been nominated for an Academy Award three times now and with the buzz surrounding this year’s Revolutionary Road, it looks like the fourth time might be the charm. So good luck Leo, and thanks for proving that not all child stars grow up creepy.

Boyfriend Runner-Up: Whoever made off with Bernie Madoff’s $10k sculpture from his Palm Beach backyard. We don’t condone thievery, but thanks for giving the Karma Bus a jump-start.

In the Doghouse: Speaking of creepy – did any of you watch Brody Jenner’s new show, Bromance? Paris Hilton’s My New BFF wasn’t bad enough? We need a male version? Starring a Kardashian step-sibling? Gah!

Last week’s boyfriend, Dev Patel

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