Big Flirting in Big Apple: Part Two!

Carrie Seim unveils part two of Big Flirting in the Big Apple!

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Big Flirting in Big Apple: Part Two!

More tips on getting dates in the city that never sleeps

-Carrie Seim

a woman wearing heelsLast week, I shared with you my latest NYC flirtations and fixations – as well as the lessons I learned from each encounter.

Today’s your lucky day, as that was only half the story! Hard to believe, but I have even more stranger danger romantic interludes to share with you. Get out your Number 2 pencils, lovelies, it’s time for some lessons in love.

Stand Out – or Stand Down – From the Crowd

I met Guy #5 in the lobby of a gigantic corporate office in Midtown Manhattan. I was standing in a nook near the revolving doors, waiting for a colleague who was running late. Between my four-inch heels and the unforgiving marble floors, my feet begged for a time out. So I subtly slipped off my shoes and slipped out my BlackBerry, hoping no one would notice the barefoot blonde interloper tucked in the corner.

The next thing I knew, I was startled by a deep voice. “If I had your phone number, I would text you,” smiled the handsome man standing next to me. “And tell you to put your shoes back on.”

Chagrined, I slid into my heels. And slid him my number. I’m not sure if he was chastising me or flirting with me. But either way, I’d done something to stand out from the crowd and grab his attention. Anytime you can find a way to distinguish yourself (positively or negatively!), the battle is half won. (And p.s., sexy shoes are like fishing lures for men – it’s almost too easy.)

Know When to Hold ‘Em … Know When to Run Away from the Drunk Man

Guy #6 is more cautionary tale than love note. I was waiting on the subway platform on a Sunday morning, wearing my favorite white sundress and carrying a box of cookies. I was headed to an engagement party in Central Park. (No, not Sunday services. I’m afraid of being burned by the holy water.)

A pair of frat guys, who hadn’t visited a bed or a shower since their Saturday bar crawl, approached. From their slurring oratory, I learned that these gentlemen found me attractive and would like very much to make my acquaintance.

It went something like, “Pretty……you…white dress….us….everybody knows it. Everybody likes you. Come. Our apartment. You. I’m so drunk. I’m soooo drunk. I’m sleepy. I’m sooo drunk. I’m going to throw up. Pretty.”

This was one occasion were a polite “no thank you” wasn’t going to suffice. Never, ever engage drunk men in conversation of any sort. It’s better to smile, laugh politely, and move it on down the road ASAP.

I quickly took cover amidst a family of Mormon tourists at the other end of the platform. Remember, Bettys, not everybody who wants you is worth having – or worth sharing syllables with.

The Rest of the Story

I have a few more tales up my city girl sleeves, but I have to save a few tales to protect the guilty! But not to worry, they will all be coming very soon to a blog near you.

Now it’s your turn! Be a Betty and add your own dating secrets and tips in the comments below.

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  1. Carrie are you secretly Carrie Bradshaw?? hehe I enjoyed the article! Who knew slipping of your heels would get a guy to start some flirty words…

  2. I am so delighted to have this opportunity to catvh up on your blogs….I have become quite the “Carrie” fan! Yeah, the key is to connect on some level….right?

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