Finally, Good News for Large-Waisted Ladies

Study says women with larger waists have more strength and stamina

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Finally, Good News for Large-Waisted Ladies

Study says women with larger waists have more strength and stamina

-Brittany Fenning

While American society may define thin but shapely models as the pinnacle of beauty, a new study reveals having a larger waist in comparison to one’s hips may be what is really needed. Needed, that is, in order for a woman to be more productive and to be able to effectively handle stress.


We all know the curvy hourglass figure has always been considered attractive – and healthier. But researchers have come up with a different point of view. That’s because two hormones, androgens and cortisol, offer women plenty of benefits. They also tend to relocate fat from the hips to the waist, explains Elizabeth Cashdan of the University of Utah. However, these feisty hormones also help women deal better with difficult situations and increase their strength, stamina and competitiveness.

So which hip-to-waist ratio is better? The health benefits received with a higher hip-to-waist ratio (bigger waist) may overshadow the benefits of a lower hip-to-waist ratio (tinier waist) … even if guys prefer a slender hourglass figure.
See, you now have a great excuse for not being able to zip up last-year’s holiday party dress.

As for men’s interest on the subject of waist size, Cashdan explains, “Waist-to-hip ratio may indeed be a useful signal to men, then, but whether men prefer a [waist-to-hip ratio] associated with lower or higher androgen/estrogen ratios (or value them equally) should depend on the degree to which they want their mates to be strong, tough, economically successful and politically competitive.”


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0 thoughts on “Finally, Good News for Large-Waisted Ladies

  1. i disagree, females who stay in shape are more successful for staying healthy and more competative with other women, too much cortisol causes cushings disease. one study doesnt disprove all others.

  2. It’s one thing if their natural waist-hip ratio is high, but it’s misleading to make it sound as though it’s healthy to be overweight. Abdominal fat is the most dangerous kind, esp. as a heart risk.

  3. Both previous commenters completely missed the point of the article. The study was about abdominal fat vs. hip fat, not fatness period. The point is both kinds have +/-.

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