Birthday Party Issue

A mother seeks advice about what to put on her child's birthday invitations.

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Birthday Party Dilemma!

Dear Manic Mommy: You have kids – help! I want to make sure that we don’t have to pay for all my daughter’s friend’s siblings at her birthday bowling party. Can I write on the invitation that they are invited to come along, but they have to pay for them? Have you ever done that?

Signed, Juli K.

Manic Mommy: Hi Juli, birthdays are so hard when it comes to figuring out who to invite, and who’s feelings might get hurt. I think it’s great that you want to include everyone, and I also completely understand that it can get very expensive! Why don’t you word the invitations like this:

“If your child would like his or her sibling(s) to come along for bowling, the cost is $xx. We’d love to have them celebrate with us. There’ll be plenty of pizza and cake for them too!”

That way, you’ll let the parents know that all the kids can come, IF the original invitee WANTS his or her sibling to tag along (sometimes they don’t want a brother or sister to come!), and that there is an additional cost, but that they’ll also get some cake and pizza out of the deal too! I can’t imagine ANY parent would be upset or put out by such a nice invitation!

Happy birthday to your daughter!

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