Bobbi Brown on Makeup Must-Haves

5 essential items every woman needs to own.
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Bobbi Brown on Makeup Must-Haves

5 essential items every woman needs to own.

-Rachel Grumman

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When was the last time you went through your makeup bag and sorted out the products you actually need and dumped the rest? Chances are, you’re lugging around broken eyeliner pencils, an ancient bottle of foundation, and lipstick shades you’ll never wear again and that are only taking up space. Streamlining means you’ve got the best tools on hand to look your stunning best. Makeup maven Bobbi Brown shares her recommendations on the essentials every woman needs in her makeup bag.

 1. Find a natural foundation. 
Bobbi believes that come springtime, foundation should have a natural finish to it. “As the weather starts to heat up, look for an oil-free, long-wearing formula that gives your skin a soft, matte finish,” she says. “It’s important when wearing foundation that your skin actually looks like skin, not cakey and powdery.” You might want to try Almay Pure Blends Makeup, SPF 20 ($9.99,

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 2. Protect the skin you’re in.
Bobbi recommends using a moisturizer with SPF. “Great makeup starts with great skincare,” she says. Try Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 ($11.89,

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0 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown on Makeup Must-Haves

  1. hope_xo says:

    I want to try that Neutrogena moisturizer!

  2. uptowngirl says:

    I need a new concealer, so I’ll add MAC to my list.

  3. FBNYC says:

    I use Almay Pure Blends foundation and I love it!

  4. citymouse says:

    Need to go check out that eyeliner, too!

  5. jessica03 says:

    I use bare minerals. I love how it’s light on my face. Love!

  6. sugarandspice says:

    ….my essential is a sheer pigmented lip gloss…, but MAKE UP FOREVER HD foundation is the BEST! It’s pricey but it does EXACTLY what it says.

  7. surfcity says:

    I want about 5 of Bobbie Brown’s eye pencils. They are their best product.

  8. stylebird says:

    I love Bobbi Brown and all of her tips!

  9. germie says:

    I was actually looking for a “must have” list. I am going to try that moisturizer and foundation. Thanks!

  10. carolynishis says:

    My skin is desperate for moisturizer.

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