Better than Botox?

A woman asks about a new Botox-like substitue that's supposed to be available soon.

Beauty Queen

Better than Botox?

Dear Beauty Queen: I heard there is a new Botox-like product coming out at the end of this month that was recently approved by the FDA. I also heard it’s cheaper than Botox. What is it called and when exactly will it be available in the US?

Beauty Queen: You heard correctly… There is a new Botox-like drug headed our way, and it’s called Reloxin. Though it was approved the FDA April 30, when it will actually be available still remains to be seen. Pricing, too, is still a matter of debate, and there has been some speculation that it will be cheaper than Botox (but the company behind Botox may lower its price as well to compete for business). There are a few subtle differences between Reloxin and Botox. The dosing is different and it’s believed that the effects of Reloxin can kick in a bit faster than Botox. Early studies also showed that Reloxin may diffuse more beyond the injection site, perhaps making it better for certain areas than others. With all of these options (and the subtle differences between these products), it’s especially important to seek treatment from a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has experience using a variety of wrinkle-reducing products-and remember, the only place to get injectable treatment is a doctor’s office, so no Botox parties, please!

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