A Breastfeeding Baby Doll?

Would you want your child to play with this new toy?
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A Breastfeeding Baby Doll?

Would you want your child to play with this new toy?

-Stephanie Elliot

Bebe Gloton Baby dolls are fun and educational. We use them to teach our little girls how to behave like mommies, right? When I was growing up and in the doll phase, I remember peeking into the diaper of my friend’s anatomically correct little baby boy doll and being fascinated. I owned all the babies – Baby That A Way, Baby Tender Love, and even a Baby Alive doll that pooped and peed. I was into playing dolls, pretending to be a mommy, feeding, bathing and tucking in my babies at night. But there’s a new doll on the market that has been the spark of conversation in the mommy circles lately.

Created by the Spanish toymaker Berjuan, the Bebe Gloton (which means “gluttonous baby”), is a breastfeeding baby doll. For your little girl. To use on her boobies. I’ll let that sink in. The baby cries when it wants milk, and makes sucking noises as it “drinks” from a halter top that your daughter puts on over her shirt.

I’ll admit, whenever I’ve seen a little girl lift her shirt and put her baby doll to her boobs to emulate her mother breastfeeding, I’ve thought it kind of cute. For a minute or two. And in my experience, whenever I’ve seen that happen, the mother will usually tell her child to put her shirt down after a couple of minutes of cute pretend breastfeeding. And it is usually a toddler experimenting with this, having seen her own mother breastfeed a sibling. I don’t think 6- or 7-years olds would whip up their shirt to pretend breastfeed.

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0 thoughts on “A Breastfeeding Baby Doll?

  1. Hmmm. This is hard. One one hand, it seems … weird. But on the other hand, fake bottles are standard issue with baby dolls. I’m torn — if breastfeeding was more accepted and common in the US, I don’t know if we’d think this was such a wacky thing.

  2. This would have creeped me out as a kid. I see it being used more in health classes or mommy to be training, but really I never thought about breast feeding when I was little. I was too interested in shiny objects and cartoons.

    p.s. if this doll malfunctioned it would be horrifying

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