Bright Spots in a Dismal Economy

this is about finding the light during dark economic times

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Bright Spots in a Dismal Economy

Finding the light in all of the doom and gloom

-Julie Ryan Evans

ray of lightThe news is really depressing these days. Everywhere you turn it’s the economic CRISIS. Stocks soar, along with our hope, then tumble, leaving us emotionally worn, spent and worried about our futures. But in the midst of the doom and gloom, there are some bright spots, which I’m trying to focus on.

1. Gas prices are down. Hooray! No longer are we paying more for a gallon of gas than a gallon of milk! Of course, now that milk prices have gone up, that may not be the best analogy … but in any case, you should be paying significantly less at the pump now, which is great … and you can use that savings to go buy your overpriced milk.

2. Just because stocks plummet doesn’t mean you’ve lost any money UNLESS you sell. Our very wise co-founder, Shaun Marsh, pointed this out as I was complaining about the markets, and of course, he’s absolutely right. I just won’t open our statements anymore. As long as you just ride it out, what goes down must go up, right? Or is it the other way around …

3. It’s a chance to exercise your creativity. Whether it’s coming up with a killer outfit from your closet instead of heading out to scoop up a new one, or finding new ways to entertain your kids after school because you have to take a break from expensive gymnastics, tennis and piano lessons, you’re being forced to be creative. Exercising your brain has proven health benefits and can be fun too!

4. No more keeping up with the Joneses … they’re probably getting hit as hard as you. No more making up excuses for why you you’re not taking a lavish vacation this year or why you chose not to spend $250 on a pair of jeans – you have a REAL excuse now – the economy.

5. Getting in touch with your priorities. Really when you take away the material things, as long as you have the basics – your health, your family and your friends – does the rest really matter? Isn’t it kind of nice to get back to the basics and focus on what really matters in life? …especially since you can no longer afford the spa or yoga classes at which you usually think about these things…

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One thought on “Bright Spots in a Dismal Economy

  1. I always try to try to see the good side of things, with this crisis we learn to better use creativity where after you finish this creativity crisis will bring profits

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