Britney Spears Wants Smaller Boobs

Britney Spears wants her breasts to be smaller, what do you think?


Britney Spears Wants Smaller Breasts

A timeline of Brit’s “girls” through history

-Carrie Seim

Britney SpearsBritney Spears confided this week that she has a love-hate relationship with her breasts, complaining that she wished hers were smaller.

Isn’t that kind of biting the hand that feeds you, Brit?

As an “under-endowed” girl, I’ve never been able to wrap my mind around the concept of wanting less breasts. To me it’s like wanting less air, or less money, or less Javier Bardem sneaking into your window to kiss you passionately and whisk you off to the Spanish countryside.

However, I’m certain my attitude results from never experiencing the pain of back aches or the tug of tight shirts or the ire of unwanted male attention. (I relish my hard-earned male attention.)

So let’s give Brit the benefit of the doubt. I suggest we take a little tour of her “girls” through history. I hope, for the sake of the historic record, we can decide once and for all: Which of Brit’s breasts are best?

Click here for a slideshow of Britney’s boob timeline!

If you could change your breasts without any cost or health risk, would you?

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0 thoughts on “Britney Spears Wants Smaller Boobs

  1. As someone who has ample boobs, I would love to have a reduction. My daughter is even worse off than I am. She is a size 0 with huge boobs and I know it has always bothered her too. I didn’t have any until I had kids and hated that. Now I would give anything to get rid of them, well, not quite anything. I guess that isn’t the right thing to say because some women have no choice and that would just be terrible.

  2. I am a very proud 34A. Smaller chests look classier in low-cut dresses/shirts, let you wear chic long necklaces & scarfs with ease and make sports easier. Plus, I’ll be perky for life– with or without a bra. While guys do like big breasts, every guy I’ve ever talked to about the topic says other physical features are way more important to them. Maybe that’s not true of the overall male population, but would you really want to hang out with guys who like you mostly for your chest?

    That said, I wonder if Britney is just doing this as a publicity stunt to bring attention to her body. I think hr whole “comeback” isn’t really going as well as she wants. She looks cute and should just love what she’s got, big or small.

  3. im also a 34A and i HATE IT. Your boobs will NOT forever be perky with or without a bra. I breastfed my daughter and my tiny perky 34A got deflated. I hate it. :(

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